Improve Metrics That Grow Revenue

Contact centers use Balto to optimize agent's interactions with your customers, deliver a consistent brand voice, and quickly iterate your message with data.

Systematically Improve Results Across Your Contact Center

Conversion Rates

Increase conversion rates by 20-35%.

Customer Experience

Deliver world-class Experiences 90 seconds faster.


Know what’s happening on 100% of your calls.

Here’s How Contact Centers Grow Revenue with Balto


Agents Consistently Perform at the Highest Level Humanly Possible

Agents use management’s best practices that drive results like conversion rates or customer satisfaction on every call.

New agents also use management’s best practices, meaning they’ll see more results from every new agent using Balto.


Managers Know What’s Happening on 100% of Calls

Managers use Balto to hold their team accountable, ensure compliance, and give agents better coaching.


Managers Use Data to Break Records

Managers get data on exactly what’s working and what’s not and make changes across their entire contact center, with the push of a button.


More Data Means More Improvements

Agents get better coaching, managers ensure they’re using it, and use data to improve even more.  This loop allows contact centers to continuously improve.

Why Real-Time Guidance?

The current system is broken. 

No matter how much training you provide, your agents forget the right thing to say on a call and ⅓ of your calls aren’t successful. And, if you’re relying on post-call analytics, you’re always a few steps behind. The game has changed and contact centers are turning to real-time guidance to deliver better results on every single call.

Improve Performance Across Your Contact Center

Balto enables you to improve results on every call across sales, customer service, and collections teams.

Want to see Balto in action?

There’s no better way to see the power of real-time than to experience it live. Request a demo and we’ll show you the power of Balto’s real-time guidance in real-time on our first call.