Balto Integrates With The Phone Systems You Trust

Don’t see your contact center’s phone system here? No problem. Balto works with any cloud-based phone system and builds new integrations in 30 days or less.

ring central

NICE / inContact Studio

five 9

Genesys PureConnect Interaction Desktop (CIC) PureConnect

avaya Agent One-X


live vox








xima Chronicall



softphone pro



Ontario Systems / Contact Savvy (Artiva)

Arbeit / Click 

RingCentral Salesforce Dialer


Vocalcom /

Microsoft Skype for Business


Evolution Collect


How Do Balto Integrations Work?

Since when did software integrations have to be so complicated? Let’s keep things simple.

Balto transcribes your calls in order to analyze conversations and produce insights.

Most integrations take no more than a couple days to set up. Our integration consists of a simple API request to our servers allowing Balto to work synchronously with whatever soft phone system you use.  Regardless of the brand, the vast majority of soft-phone systems include native features or API which allow us to customize this integration for your business.

No, Balto is not a phone system and will not replace any part of your phone system. 

Your agents must have a Windows or Mac computer and your agents must use headsets.  Other than that, you don’t need anything else!

1. An analysis of your businesses use case.  We need to understand how Balto will benefit your business so we set things up correctly.

2. Then we either set up the integration in your phone system, if it has the functions we need.  If it doesn’t, the Balto development team will build the integration for you internally.

3. We run a test with an actual agent to verify that Balto and all its features work.

4. Then we train your agents and you’re ready to go.

Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (855) GO-BALTO.

Have more questions?

Get a demo and talk to one of our technical success managers! To get a demo, call us at (855) GO-BALTO or enter your work email below.

Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (855) GO-BALTO.