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Arsenal Business Growth Uses Balto To Ramp Reps Faster & Book More Appointments

"Balto enables our sales reps to have very high-quality conversations in a short amount of time It's fundamentally changed the way we do things. With Balto, we've earned an additional $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue"
- Aaron Asher
Owner, Arsenal Business Group
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Balto's powerful recognition software is second to none and has allowed our business to transform the way we think, perceive, and conduct sales over the phone. Not only is the technology powerful, but the support and staff is superb. Balto has invested time in hiring the most educated, skills professionals in the industry that helped us develop a customized use for the technology. This isn't an "out of the box", plug a play tech. This is transformative, and we are grateful for the insights we have gained from the team.
Sean C.
Human Performance Expert

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ONLINE Information Services Inc. turned to Balto’s to improve their compliance, training, and overall contact center operations.

After one of the largest flooring companies in the U.S tested Balto, their savings rate increased by 26.1%. In the first 3 months, Balto helped save $3.2 million dollars.

One of the largest health insurance companies in the country wanted to see how much Balto could impact their close rate. The Balto users had a 71% higher quote rate and a 132% higher close rate than Non-Balto users.

After setting up an A/B test and analyzing 10,000+ calls for a large insurance firm we found that the company saw a 15% increase in conversion rates and more.

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