Improving Customer Service with Contact Center Software

Improving Customer Service with Contact Center Software

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When customers contact your company, you want them to experience the best service possible.

It can be hard to manage, particularly if that customer has a complaint. But even if they are calling with an inquiry, ensuring vast teams follow a consistent message and even language across the business, can be difficult.

That is why companies are increasingly using real-time analytics and AI to give call center staff extra support when they most need it. Software solutions such as Balto act like a coach sitting alongside each rep, guiding them through calls, reacting to situations and immediately providing advice on how to handle them.

These advanced solutions can do everything from detecting questions and automatically providing agents with the correct answer, no matter how technical, to helping an agent adapt the way they are speaking to better manage the customer on the end of the phone.

A live checklist keeps track of all the elements of the call that need to be covered, while smart insights will detect when a customer is giving an objection or their tone changes into that of a complaint and provides the key words and phrases the agent needs to negotiate the situation.

The results are impressive; reduced call handle times and increased resolutions in just one call, all of which ensure a happy customer. And surely that is the best outcome we can hope for as a customer-facing team.