Increase Revenue with Speech Analytics Software

by Chris Kontes | April 22nd, 2019

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Speech analytics software adds value to any sales , customer service , or collections department. It can improve the quality of each engagement with a customer, and it encourages agents to meet their daily goals. However, Balto’s speech analytics software also has some unique features that should be considered in terms of what they can do to increase revenues.

This software provides live support that guides agents during phone calls. This is useful for situations where the customer is asking difficult questions, for example. Balto’s software allows the call center representative to access quality information that can reduce or eliminate waiting and callbacks.

About Speech Analytics Software

Speech analytics software from Balto improves customer service, maintain compliance, ensure quality and increase revenues. Each area is impacted by the software features that allow tasks to be performed more effectively. Overall performance can be tracked over time, and managers can generate reports to review the data and present changes to executives.

The manager dashboard is a supplemental feature that allows supervisors to stay aware of what is happening during each phone call. The data is sent to the dashboard in real time, and this allows a single manager to handle a large volume of calls. The software can be adapted to suit changing situations, and it will enforce the desired behaviors in real time.

How Speech Analytics Software Works

Balto is a unique software that offers a range of features to improve performance, ensure quality and increase revenues. Each business will have specific terms and phrases that are preferred, and Balto can enforce the use of approved language during live calls. This advanced call monitoring software can be adjusted and customized for any situation.

Live calls will not always go according to plan. Even when the manager provides a script, many representatives will have difficulty adopting the style, language, and terminology. This can lead to situations where the customer becomes frustrated or even confrontational. Most businesses would have to deal with an escalation after the damage was already done.

Using Balto can change this dynamic entirely. The live call monitoring and interaction features enable artificial intelligence to provide guidance and specific language prompts. This includes phrases designed to resolve conflicts and get the representative back on track.

Access to accurate information can also change the direction of a sales or collections call. Examples include product information, client-specific data or other key items related to the conversation. Balto finds specific information related to the call and alerts agents in real-time, so agents can respond appropriately before the opportunity is lost.

Benefits of Speech Analytics Software

Balto is an intelligent call monitoring software that provides essential services that help representatives on the job. During each live call, Balto engages in selective intervention, which means that reps will only receive advice, suggestions and prompts when they are needed.

There are many applications of this particular feature, and many agents can benefit from using it. For example, sales reps will enjoy Balto providing a specific answer to a challenging question asked by a customer. The ability to answer without any waiting time will make the agent sound confident, competent and professional.

New agents can benefit from using Balto’s software. Training in any new position can create performance anxiety or nervousness. It makes a huge difference to receive helpful verbal prompts from the speech analytics software, which guides agents through difficult moments in the conversation.

These features also benefit supervisors who are now free to engage in other activities. Managers can review data being produced in real time on the convenient manager dashboard. This information allows the manager to prioritize changes and make appropriate adjustments.

Bonus Features of Balto's Software

Balto’s software from Balto offers intelligent and adaptable support. This enables sales professionals and collectors to increase revenues for the business. Additional benefits include the ability to keep every member of the team using compliant language.

Additional features also make life easier for managers who are dealing with large call volumes. For example, the software automatically detects certain items that are on a checklist. This gives the supervisor the ability to ensure that each member of the team is performing specific tasks during every call.

This feature can be adjusted as needed, which is ideal for promotional periods of time, for example. If a product is being pushed for a week, the software can send out reminders to every sales rep to mention the optional product to the customer. When Balto’s speech analytics software detects a specific product question, it automatically prompts reps with the best responses.

Training Enhancements with Balto’s Software

This combination of features makes speech analytics software an integral part of any sales team. It makes training new agents much easier, for example. In the past, new sales representatives would have to spend long periods away from the phone lines in order to receive proper training.

Balto’s software now makes it possible to train new people in real time with a minimal number of mistakes on day one. It accelerates the learning curve and gets new workers up to speed. Once they are comfortable with the basic tasks of the job, Balto can improve performance over time with helpful language prompts that improve outcomes.

Key Impacts of Balto's Software

Balto will continue to monitor for compliance, the most appropriate talking speed and approved terminology. Balto can improve the performance and outcomes of many areas within an organization:

Balto’s Software for Sales

Sales: This interactive speech analytics software, that provides live call guidance too, creates a support network for every sales representative. It understands how to detect consumer interest or frustration, and it looks for certain cues that signal the right time to go for the close. These prompts can help sales representatives make better decisions during a live call. It also provides them with specific information about each client, which is useful when tailoring the sales call to meet the unique needs of the customer.

Balto’s Software for Call Compliance

Compliance: Balto detects violations of approved language. It can ensure compliance by reminding the rep to make changes or corrections before the end of the call. This improves the overall performance of each team member, and it can help to ensure that a consistent message is achieved. Large organizations with many departments can benefit the most from this feature because message consistency is harder to accomplish when there are many people involved.

Balto’s Software for Customer Service

Balto’s software improves every aspect of customer service, and this includes sales, collections and compliance. Every engagement with a customer should be performed by a representative that is using an approved script and checklist. The speech analytics software detects deviations and corrects them before the call is finished. This allows managers to salvage the situation before the damage is done. It also provides customers with a reliable and consistent experience. When the message is the same throughout the organization, customers have a higher level of purchasing confidence.

Balto’s Software for Quality Assurance

Quality assurance targets: Checklists do more than simply ensure compliance; they can also be used to generate specific targets for quality assurance. The speech analytics software ensures high-quality conversations by detecting informal language, weak phrasing or confrontational speech. Even the speed of talking can be evaluated to determine the pace that is most likely to lead to a desired outcome. Quality assurance targets can be created and measured over time.

Real-Time Gamification

Competitions can be set up using Balto’s unique training games. This is a great way to refine a particular skill or give agents a chance to win a prize for the most sales. The gamification feature allows agents to engage in a friendly competition to see who can achieve the highest number of targets.

Each game can be set up to pursue a specific objective, and it is easy to adapt it to a new situation. For example, a popular target for the game is to have participants compete to overcome the most customer rejections. Another impactful target is to compete for the newest accounts opened. Collectors can adapt it to see who can collect the highest amount of payments owed.

Gamification can often change the mood of the participants by allowing a sense of competition and play into the work environment. Balto ensures that the games are productive and increase the company’s revenues.

Balto’s Live Call Guidance Software

Balto’s software can transform the way your company collects on outstanding accounts, open new accounts and maintain high customer service standards. It is fast and easy to schedule a product tour. Simply contact schedule a demo, and we can show you Balto in action.