How First-Class Call Center Agent Training Helps You Get Ahead

by Chris Kontes| April 22nd, 2019

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Even with the most powerful software at their disposal, call center agents need robust and ongoing call coaching. They need to know how to work their systems, think “on their feet,” practice active listening, and all of the other things necessary for providing sensational customer service. Call center training helps you get ahead. 

The focus of any training program should be to create successful reps because successful reps mean a successful company. Balto’s software is there to help those reps achieve efficiency as well as success.

Ways Balto Helps With Call Center Training

Even if a company has spent heaps of money and time on developing the “perfect script,” there is still room for changes or small tweaks. For example, a particularly sterling, creative, and assertive rep might come up with something new that works better than anything “tried-and-true” in the existing script.

If something works better, wouldn’t it make sense to adapt it into the existing script so that every rep can succeed at the same level? Balto’s software allows for continual call center training. Companies can integrate any procedures they want into the script administered by Balto’s call center training software.

This flexibility ensures that every rep has access to the same best practices during training and on the floor. By always having the best-of-the-best practices available, the company will always present the best call center training possible, which will, in turn, help to create the most well-trained, critically thinking reps possible.

The industry regulations and federal, state, and local laws that surround call center commerce are so Byzantine that it’s impossible to remember them all no matter how well-trained the rep. Balto’s call center agent training is there to remind both trainees and reps of what needs to be done.

The critical thinking and top-flight problem-solving skills come about because they can be the focus of training instead of the rigmarole. Such reps are much more effective than reps so burdened with remembering red tape that they become veritable automatons.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Well-trained reps who can think for themselves while still delivering world-class customer service present a terrific first impression to customers. Perhaps more important, well-trained, thinking reps are empowered rather than controlled. If they’re empowered, they are, on the whole, happier than reps who are not.

It’s not just about warm fuzzies and feeling good either. Happy, empowered, and engaged reps who can solve problems with a willing smile boost sales, on average, by 20 percent over reps who are “under the thumb,” so to speak. Balto’s training platform helps keep agents excited on the phones, which improves their on-call performance and boosts morale and confidence.

The Last Word

Training is important. Training well is more important than that. To train well, call center businesses and other businesses that are heavily call-focuses must empower their reps. They must develop critical thinking skills while providing all content, including policy reminders, instantly in real time. Balto’s call center agent training software helps standardize these process across the entire call center.

To find out more about everything Balto’s call center agent training software can do, give us a call to set up a free, no-obligation demonstration.