Live Call Guidance Supercharges Quality Monitoring and Execution in a Call Center

Companies make significant investments in call centers in expectation of a substantial return. The desired outcome, however, may remain unknown until the results filter through to the bottom line. The magic in a classroom begins when the teacher closes the door and engages the students.  Live Call Guidance detects the same level of energy in conversations between reps and potential clients and then helps reps with what to say.  This is the key to quality monitoring in a call center as well as raising other KPIs.

Managers of call centers, sales development teams, collections departments, and customer service reps can hope that conversations go smoothly with all points covered and positive outcomes occur. Hope, however, does not provide reassurance. Balto’s live call guidance can provide quality monitoring in a call center that makes each call valuable.

In an amazing breakthrough in technology, Balto’s live call guidance understands telephone conversations and alert reps to the best things to say, and it does it live during an on-going call. Balto provides the right words precisely when reps need them.

Understanding the Benefits of Live Call Guidance with Real-Time Speech Analytics 

Unlike traditional speech analytics and call monitoring software that tell reps what went wrong after the fact, Balto tells them while they have time to change course gracefully and efficiently. This is why it’s called Live Call Guidance.  The responsiveness of Balto encourages reps to use it. The support that it provides helps them acquire skills and adapt to using it without taking time off from the phones.

By ramping up quickly and efficiently, it earns the respect of reps who value productivity and reject downtime. The tool provides messaging consistency that ensures the delivery of pre-approved words and phrases.

The development of Balto’s Live Call Guidance required listening to more than a million phone conversations that provided insights that taught it how to seem intuitive. As it integrates into company telephone systems, Balto’s Live Call Guidance automatically uses artificial intelligence to understand conversations.

The high-value ability to suggest alternative words where they may help the rep prepare an especially appropriate reply allows Balto’s Live Call Guidance to respond in real time. Its programming prevents it from picking up and recording any information about health care or credit cards. Always supportive and helpful but never intrusive, Balto’s Live Call Guidance presents practical guidance when it sees an opportunity to assist.

As a highly effective artificial intelligence call monitoring tool, it respects the job that humans do in inbound and outbound phone calls, and it evolves to adapt to each rep’s style. The flexibility and intuitive capabilities of Balto make it easy to incorporate it as a useful tool that managers can adjust to suit the needs of each rep. This makes it perfect for quality monitoring in a call center.

Putting Live Call Guidance to Work

Balto’s Live Call Guidance automatically models itself to the specific business functions that companies perform. By monitoring calls and providing guidance to reps who engage with potential clients, it makes significant contributions to each of the task areas that it supports in a call center, such as quality monitoring.

Task 1: Sales

Balto’s Live Call Guidance offers the kind of guidance and correction in real time that every manager wants to provide but cannot without listening to conversations. Sophisticated artificial intelligence guides sales teams to present the most effective methods and practices on each call. Its speech analytics capability allows it to recognize a winning strategy when it hears one.

As a model for successful calls, Balto’s Live Call Guidance guides everyone in a contact center to use the best techniques. By installing Balto, companies can greatly increase the efficiency of call centers. It guides reps to mimicking the techniques of the most persuasive reps when decision points occur in a sales call.

Studies show that less than half of the instructions that sales reps receive in training stay with them for more than one week, raising serious questions about the value of traditional training methods. Balto’s Live Call Guidance does not require reps to remember their training because it automatically coaches them in live time on every call. Bad sales habits that terminate calls disappear when Balto detects them and guides reps to the most effective approach instead.

Reps who use the system can rely on it to help them handle customer objections which deter even the most experienced and confident sales rep. Artificial intelligence guides reps to talk at a recommended pace and not interrupt a customer helps establish good sales techniques.

Task 2: Customer Service

Balto’s Live Call Guidance provides the ready and prompt answers that people expect when they call customer service. As it reduces wait time by giving reps the information they need in a hurry, potential problems do not develop. Unhappy customers can create expensive and time-consuming complaints that Balto can prevent with reduced wait times and quick answers that improve NPS scores.

Activities that can increase customer frustration and dissatisfaction include holding time that allows a customer service rep to find product information, instructions, safety hazards or reliability statistics. The fastest speed of delivering a reply to customer inquiries usually means satisfaction.

Managers can use Balto for quality monitoring in a call center. Managers can monitor calls for bad habits that can make customers unhappy. Reps can resist the impatience that may offend someone who may ask difficult questions. With live call monitoring, they can take tips from Balto and handle any issue easily. Managers can look at Balto’s Analytics Suite to address the calls that may cause problems for a company and then roll out improvement across their call center.

Task 3: Debt Collections/Accounts Receivable

Compliance with legal regulations as well as client preferences imposes significant requirements on debt collection and accounts receivable reps who usually have no time to study them in detail. Balto knows the regulations and enforces them across the organization. Balto’s Live Call Guidance provides strict guidelines on what reps may or may not say, and it ensures avoidance of potential problems that humans cannot usually deliver.

Companies can eliminate the training expenses required to bring new collectors to the desired standard when Balto’s Live Call Guidance makes even the most inexperienced rep look like a seasoned professional. The system checks off the compliance points, negotiation strategies and client-specific requirements that ensure best practices on every call. By adopting the approach that the best reps use, Balto provides access to them by everyone in the debt collections accounts receivable departments.

The system takes the stress out of the job for reps who fear to make a mistake that can cost the company a loss of money or customers. By using artificial intelligence, it captures the words, phrases and habits of the most effective collectors and shares it with others to produce a consistent, thorough and appropriate treatment of each issue.

Task 4: Compliance/Quality Assurance

Call center representatives often present the face of a company to the public, for good or bad. Even the best rep can have a bad day occasionally and offend a customer who may decide to object to it. Live Call Guidance with Balto prevents such mistakes from happening.

The Live Call Guidance tool detects errors in a rep’s phrasing immediately when they occur and provides words that can correct them before the call ends. Quality assurance offers a company the opportunity to ensure adherence to standards that the public expects and deserves. When it detects that a conversation veers off track, it provides recommendations that let a rep bring it back into acceptability.

The importance of addressing issues in real time makes Balto a much more valuable way to run an efficient organization than talking to a rep after the fact. It provides alternatives for language variables that make conversations confrontational and unacceptable from a quality assurance standpoint. It can ensure quality by detecting false statements, confidential information or argumentative words and recommending alternatives.

Incorporating Gamification in Quality Monitoring In A Call Center

As reps learn how to use Balto, the benefits of using Live Call Guidance become clearer. Its ability to help them improve communications and interactions with contacts provides a persuasive influence. By using the system to compete with other reps, they can gain familiarity with it and have some fun too.

Reps can use the system to set up different variables for competition with themselves or others such as the amount of time spent in resolving an issue. Managers can use Balto to motivate reps to learn on the job and increase customer satisfaction.

Using Balto’s Live Checklist

Repetition can sometimes lead to boredom, an occasional outcome of not paying proper attention to a significant detail on a call. Balto has an effective countermeasure to the situation. A checklist of key parts of a conversation appears on a screen in front of a rep to make sure each one receives attention.

At the end of a call, customers need to have confirmation of their delivery or mailing address, appointment times, installation dates and other issues that affect their schedule and plans. Balto never misses any detail, no matter how small, and it helps keep reps on track for managing routine issues that matter to customers.

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