Who Answers the Phone Anymore?

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by Chris Kontes | March 10th, 2020

More people than you think…

In the age of email, text, and social media, it seems like phone calls would be discarded as a way of the past. Yet, some of the most exciting startups are betting big on phone calls. These companies fall into categories such as speech analytics, revenue intelligence, conversation intelligence, real-time conversational guidance, Live Call Guidance, and A.I. Call Coaching.  

A mouthful. We know. Yet, there’s only one real overarching category for all of the above- speech analytics. 

Without speech analytics, there could be no innovation around conversational behavior. Speech analytics encompasses everything because it’s the mechanism by which computers can understand phone conversations. It’s the same tech used by Alexa or Siri.

Within speech analytics, there are two main categories: post-call and real-time.  

Post-call solutions record conversations and help managers give suggestions so that reps can improve future calls. Better solutions tend to include better data and trends. Gong, Chorus, Voiceops, and Callminer are the biggest speech analytics software players in the post-call game. 

Opposite to post-call is real-time. Balto, Cogito, and Cresta all can be considered real-time. Real-time companies offer reps some sort of suggestion DURING a call. These companies use speech analytics to help train, coach, and change conversational behavior of reps at scale. 

Real-time solutions are not as widely known but are changing calls at a much quicker rate than post-call solutions. This is because real-time offers instant feedback, instant change, and instant results. 

When people talk about the future of call centers, call center technologies always come up.

Many people think these technologies have to omnichannel or have to replace jobs. The truth is, the future of call centers will include humans. People love to talk on the phone. People love people. Especially if they’re productive as often as possible. That’s where real-time speech analytics software, like Balto, comes into play. 

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