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Below, you’ll find information on Balto’s features, troubleshooting solutions, and user management guides. The “Features” section goes over Balto’s Real-Time Coaching tools for agents. “References” has troubleshooting solutions to technical difficulties you may be facing. “User Management” is for the Real-Time Management tool for managers. It covers how to add users, restore deleted users, and reset passwords. 


Agents execute managers’ best practices on every call, which leads to perfect behaviors at scale. 

Powered by AI, Balto’s Real-Time Coaching listens to both sides of a conversation and visually prompts agents with the best thing to say, live on every call.

Balto’s Real-Time Coaching has seven important features.

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Smart checklist

The Checklist is a list of items that helps agents hit all of
their key points on every call.

The items act as guideposts that help agents stay on track
and progress through their calls as smoothly as possible.
Balto is a low-click program. These items will be checked
off as you say them.

Balto allows you some flexibility — not all items have to be read verbatim. But the closer you are to what is shown, the higher the chance of it being checked off.

Dynamic prompts

The Deck dynamically recommends Balto content
based on what’s happening in each individual call.
When these deck cards appear you’ll find they
contain effective methods for overcoming common
objections and answering frequently asked questions.
They may also be used for discussing the talking
points for your top competitors and offering product

They can also include resources (including
hyperlinks) and/or instructions for certain situations.
Since Balto listens to both sides of conversation…it
picks up on objections and other indicators that your
customer says.

Deck items help you deal with things that can
sometimes derail a conversation and help get you
back on track.

The yellow text serves as an intro and an outro’s to
help you transition from the checklist and back again.
Select the “HIDE” button when you are done and wish
to return to the checklist. Deck items will close after 3
minutes, if not closed by clicking.


This is a tool to help you avoid weaker language that doesn’t help the conversation progress. 


  • word or phrase to avoid (white text) 
  • why to avoid it 
  • suggested replacement (green text)


To submit feedback, click the smiley face at the bottom of the app.

This will open a dialog box where you can submit  questions, suggestions, or issues. 

These can be submitted during or after a call and will include technical info about the last call to help us troubleshoot any problem you may encounter. 

Best Practices: 

  • If you do have an issue make sure to use this before your next call. 
  • Try to be as specific as you can here. For example, if you are having an issue with a checklist item not marking complete as expected, please tell us which one you are having trouble with. 



All deck items and notifications have a thumbs up and thumbs down feature at the bottom of the window. 

If you select thumbs down, Balto will ask a follow-up question. Please indicate if this item: 

  • Isn’t relevant for the situation 
  • The content isn’t helpful 
  • This is unlikely to ever be helpful 

The Balto Team will review this data in order to help your playbook perform better. 

Sticky Note

The Sticky Note is where your manager can share a virtual
“sticky note” with you.
Used for things like product info, team goals or reminders
about what to focus on during your conversation.
Recommend checking this area daily to make sure you get
the latest info from your manager.


Reminders area where you can make notes. 

For example, you could use this area to remember your own daily or weekly goals. These notes will remain in Balto until you delete them.


If you are having some technical difficulties, check out the troubleshooting solutions down below. 

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Logout & Check Version Ctrl + "L"
Zoom In Ctrl + "+"
Zoom Out Ctrl + "-"
Zoom Reset Ctrl + "0"
Start/Stop Balto Ctrl + "S"
Run the Audio Test Ctrl + Shift + "T"

Balto Not Starting (Not Turning Green)

If the Balto Checklist header is not turning green then it means Balto is not listening to your call. 

Not Listening

There are several reasons this may occur:

1. Balto needs to be reloaded:
Follow the steps in the Reloading Balto section and try another call.

2. The agent identifier is incorrect:
In Balto Cloud agents have two possible identifiers. Their email address used to login OR a “Voip User ID”. If they have a Voip User ID verify that it matches the agent’s identifier in your softphone system (See Angela M. in the image below). If they don’t have a Voip User ID then their email address is being used as the identifier (See Dwight S. in the image below). You must verify that the email address in Balto Cloud matches the email address in your softphone system. You will find this information in the Users tab. 

3. The softphone system is not sending the Balto start/stop API requests:

    • Verify that the user is configured correctly and is associated with the settings in the softphone system that cause the Balto start/stop commands to fire. These have many names such as “hunt group”, “connector” or “workflow”.
    • You may be able to use the inspector or dev tools view to see the start/stop commands fire in your softphone system. Examine the console and filter for “balto” to verify that commands are being sent.

4. The Start/Stop command is being blocked by the softphone system or a firewall:
Verify that* is whitelisted in both your softphone and firewall so that traffic is permitted to our server.

5. The start/stop command is working but returning a 400 error:
If you are able to view the requests in the console or reporting you may be able to see the responses from our server. These will tell you the nature of a failed request to our server. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions about the meaning of a 400 response.

If after taking these steps you are still seeing issues, please submit an email to that includes the following info:

    • The email address used to log into Balto
    • The version of Balto currently installed
    • Indicate if you are seeing a start or stop button at the bottom of the Balto app.

PC Audio Issues (Balto Not Hearing You)

If Balto is not hearing you or you fail the audio test when starting Balto, follow these steps. Also Make sure to use a headset. Not using a headset can cause cross-over, where your mic is picking us on what is coming out of your speakers. This can cause Balto to not perform as it should. 

1. Test Balto Audio – Click inside the Balto application and press Crtl + Shift + “T”

A) Balto will play an audio file and show a green checkmark if Balto can hear it. This means that Balto can hear the customer side of the  conversation. If you do not receive a green checkmark, there is an audio playback issue.

B) Balto will then ask the user to speak and show a green checkmark if Balto can hear the user. If you do not receive a green checkmark, there is a microphone issue. 

2. Check Windows Audio Configuration – Right-click on the sound icon in the tray in the right-hand bottom corner of the screen and then click Open Sound Settings. This will open up the sound control panel.

A) Click on Manage Sound devices and make sure the headset being used is connected and is the ONLY output device that is enabled. Disable all other audio devices under Output devices.

B) Further down in the menu, make sure the microphone being used is connected and is the ONLY input device that is enabled. Disable all other audio devices under Input devices

3. Change Headsets – If problem persists, try switching headsets to make sure the headset being used is compatible with your computer 

4. Contact Balto Support – If the problem remains, or you need help with these steps, please contact Balto Support at

Checklist Items Not Checking Off

When Balto checklist items are not checking off it is usually due to one of two issues. 

    • The user hasn’t said enough of the item or phrased the item close enough to what is written for Balto to recognize it. 
    • There is a technical issue preventing Balto from hearing what the user is saying. If you experience checklist items not checking off as expected, we recommend the following: 
    • Reload Balto
    • Verify Audio Settings are correct 
    • Change your phrasing to be a bit closer to how the checklist item is written. 

If the problem remains, or you need help with these steps, please contact Balto Support at 

Reloading Balto

If you are experiencing issues with Balto, often a reload is all that is needed to get you running again. Here are the steps to take to perform a quick Reload of Balto: 

A) Right-click on the Balto Icon in the system tray and select Reload. (usually located in the lower corner of your screen near the date/time). 

B) If you don’t see it, select the caret (^) in this same area and you should then see it.

C) If the problem still remains, take the following steps:

    • Restart your computer 
    • Select the Balto app, then select Ctrl + L
      • Note the Balto version number, and then log out.

    • Hold down the Ctrl key and select the Balto icon again (left-click). This will close Balto.
      • Start Balto from the Start menu and login with your email. 

Chrome Pop-ups

When using Balto with the following softphone providers, it is important to ensure pop-ups are allowed in Chrome in order for Balto’s auto-start and stop function to work.  

These providers include:

    • Arbeit
    • Avaya One-X
    • TCN
    • Zultys

In order to allow pop-ups follow these steps:

1. Open a Chrome browser and select the three vertical dots in the top-right area.

2. Then select Settings from the menu that appears.

3. From the Settings page select Privacy and security from the left side menu.

4. Then from the middle of the screen, select Site Settings

5. Scroll down the page until you see the Content section and select Pop-ups and redirects

6. Select the “Add” button

7. Enter the URL provided by you Balto Technical Success Manager, then select the “Add” button.

8. You should now see the URL listed here.

User Management

Follow these steps for Adding/Removing Users and Resetting Passwords.

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Adding Users

This is how to create a new user with access to Balto Cloud

1. Login into Balto Cloud

2. Select the Users Tab, Then select the “Add New User” button.

3. Complete the form that appears, and then select the “Save” button.

4. User will appear in list of active users

Buttons and functions:
pasted image 0 Edit: Use this to make changes to user
unnamed (14) Give Balto Cloud Access: Use this to grant a user access to Balto Cloud. This will provide access to manager users, edit playbooks, and view dashboards.
pasted image 0 (1) Reset Balto Cloud Password: Use this to reset a users password
pasted image 0 (2) Revoke Playbook Editor Access: Use this to block users with Balto Cloud access from editing the playbook. When a user is granted Balto Cloud access, they are able to modify the playbook by default.
pasted image 0 (3) Row 3, Content 1

Deleted Users

1. To view and restore deleted users, select “Deleted Users” from this dropdown.

2. Select this button to restore a deleted user

Resetting Balto Cloud Passwords

Follow these steps to reset a user’s password in Balto Cloud.  NOTE: this is for Balto Cloud users only.

1. Select the Reset Balto Cloud Password button for the user that you wish to reset password.

2. You will receive this message, select OK.

3. Next this dialog box will appear, select the “copy” button.

4. The copy button should change to a checkmark, then select the Close button.

5. Paste the link in an email and send it to the intended user. 

6. After clicking on the link they should see this screen.  User should select the “Copy to Clipboard” button , then select the “Continue to Login” button.

7. User will be directed to the Balto Cloud login screen.  User should paste the password, in the password field, then select the “Login” button.