Sales Tips and Tricks – Start With Why

Start With Why On Inbound and Outbound Sales Calls

 On this video, we’re going to discuss how you can win more inbound calls by quickly catching your customer’s interest.

Start your next inbound call by determining why your customer is calling in, and then follow up with a few questions to understand exactly what she’s looking for. Try these 3 questions:

First, “How can I help you today?”,

Next, “What specifically got you interested in our solution?”

Finally, “And why is that important to you?”

If you start every inbound call with these three questions, you will find yourself quickly grabbing your customer’s attention and discovering valuable information you can use to tailor your pitch.

Remember, on your next inbound call, start by asking your customer why she is calling, and then follow up with three questions to better understand her needs.

Your win rates will skyrocket.

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