Sales Call Tips That Deliver The Goods

by Chris Kontes | April 15th, 2019

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Despite the rise of online marketing, person-to-person sales calls s still account for a large chunk of sales for many businesses. Unfortunately, making productive sales calls has become a lost art that’s in sore need of a revival. Here are a few sales call tips that will help any salesperson seal the deal regardless of what they’re selling.

Start the Call With Small Talk

The biggest mistake that salespeople make when beginning a sales call is getting right down to business. A sales call that’s likely to yield results will flow naturally like any other conversation. Be sure to begin with a few casual questions before you get into the heart of the matter.

Talk About Yourself (To An Extent)

Nobody likes receiving calls from a robotic character that asks for a lot of information but doesn’t divulge any of their own. Good salespersons open up and create personal connections with their leads. Stay away from controversial topics and avoid voicing strong opinions on anything unrelated to the offer you’re making.

Have a Proven Script Written Up

Successful salespeople use time-tested sales scripts that deliver results given enough sales calls. Scripts are popular because they work and they allow callers to walk through their pitches without thinking too much. Good scripts give callers enough leeway to improvise when the going gets tough and customers need a little off-script cajoling.

Use Software to Guide Your Pitch

Believe it or not, software can assist salespeople in making intelligent decisions when pitching over the phone. For instance, Balto’s Software offers real-time speech analytics that helps sellers to overcome objections from customers. This software edge can transform a marginal seller into an all-star in short order with a little trial and error.

Get Up on Your Feet When You Talk

While it might seem like a trite cliche, there’s no denying that motion creates emotion when it comes to sales. Standing up and walking around while you make calls is sure to raise your heartbeat and make pitches feel more urgent. The end result will surely be increased conversions for any campaign.

Memorize Every Detail of Your Offer

Nothing sinks a sale faster than the inability to answer a buying question from a potential customer. Knowing the product or service that you’re hawking inside and out will yield dividends over time. At a minimum, you should be able to redirect a query if you don’t know the answer.

Research Potential Clients in Depth

When it comes to increasing the odds of making a sale, knowledge of your prospective clients is the ultimate power. As such, learning as much as possible about the business and its decision-makers is a must. Doing so will help you to craft a pitch that really connects with leads.

Time Your Calls for Maximum Effect

For any given sales lead, there’s an optimal time of day to make a pitch. Do a little reconnaissance on your leads and figure out when they’re most likely to be unoccupied. It’s hard to go wrong by scheduling calls for the early afternoon when many people aren’t particularly busy.

Don't Bombard Prospects With Information

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced salespeople make is throwing a ton of information at leads right out of the gate. Potential customers can only process so much new information at once. If you make their buying decision too complicated, they’ll simply decline the offer without really considering its merits.

Appeal to Emotion During Your Pitch

There’s not a human being on Earth that makes completely rational buying decisions based solely on logic and reason. If you can appeal to a person’s emotions and elicit a response, they’ll be more likely to accept your offer. Try to keep the emotional appeal on the positive side.

Try Not to Mention the Competition

When you bring up rival companies in your field, you run the risk of being compared to them unfavorably. Likewise, mentioning the competition in a negative light might sour a client on your brand. For the most part, it’s best to keep the focus on your own company’s products or services.

The Ultimate Key to Sales Call Success

All of the preparation in the world can’t replace experience as far as sales conversions go. That having been said, the sales call tips detailed here will give any salesperson a critical advantage. When employed in an intelligent fashion, the aforementioned advice will yield results given enough time.

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