Sales Tips and Tricks – Stop Using Sales Buzzwords

Stop Using Sales Buzzwords!

On this video, we discuss how you can avoid one of the biggest communication mistakes so many agents make on the phones: using language that your customer doesn’t understand… or sales buzzwords.

For example, the wrong way to describe Balto would be to tell you, “Balto is an artificial intelligence platform that runs real-time speech analytics to deliver smart recommendations to sales and customer service agents on their live calls.”

The simpler and more effective approach would be to say: “Balto is a technology that helps agents do a better job by coaching them with the best things to say while they’re on their calls.”

So the next time you’re on your calls and using words that you’d never say to your friends or family, stop, and simply tell the customer what your solution does and why it’s helpful. Nobody likes buzzwords!

Customers will find your pitch much more persuasive.

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