Is Your Sales Script Working

by Rowen Gray | April 22nd, 2020

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In Marketing, it’s easy to A/B test a landing page or a lead form to figure out what actually works

In sales, the task is more difficult.  How do you analyze living, breathing conversation? 

At Balto, we’re using our own software to test some of our communication assumptions so that we get the most out of every call. 

Here’s an example.  We were curious about the best thing to say to an interested customer in order to get a demo. 

Whenever a customer said something like, “Wow, that’s interesting” (we ran over 200 variations of that phrase) we randomly gave our reps two different questions to ask:

  1. “What do you like about that?”
  2. “What made that stand out to you?”

Not that different, right? Well, nearly 2,000 calls later we found out that one outperformed the other (in getting a meeting) by 87%. 

Which one do you think it is? Why? 

Vote here and at the end we’ll tell you which one it was and explain why we think it outperformed.