Sales Tips and Tricks – How To Talk to Customers Using the You-We-I Ratio

How to Talk To Customers Using The You-We-I-Ratio

 On this video, we discuss how you should talk to customers by boosting your You-We-I Ratio. The You-We-I Ratio is how often you talk about your customer – “You” – compared to how often you talk about your organization – “We” – compared to how often you talk about yourself – “I”.

Your customer conversations should be overflowing with “You” language, which includes questions like, “What are you looking for today?” Your conversations should have some “We” language. “Our customers tell us that our products are the best on the market.” And they should have just a dash of “I” language – “I personally like the blue finish the best.”

So remember: a lot of “you”s, a few “we”s, and just a dash of “I’s will make a huge difference in how customers treat you on your calls.

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