Sales Tips and Tricks – Be Upfront in Sales

Be Upfront In Your Sales Conversations

On this video, we explain what social psychologists say is the best way to share not-so-great information.

When you have information that you think your customer might not like, be honest and upfront about it.

Let’s say that your product requires a lengthy service agreement in the fine print. How should you communicate this to your customers?

You might say, “Before I get into pricing, you should know that our home security plans have a 36-month service agreement. Most customers we speak with don’t have a problem with this, but the commitment does make some people a little uncomfortable. How do you feel about this?”

Now, you’ve taken the information that you know a lot of customers don’t like to hear and talked about it clearly and honestly. Remember: when you have not-so-great information to share, be upfront and honest about it.

Customers will appreciate your honesty.

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