Balto Starts At
$50 a Month Per Agent

Access unlimited manager and leadership licenses for free.
*Price varies based on number of agents and contract length.

Everything Below is included with Balto, No Hidden Fees

All Balto plans include Real-Time Coaching for agents and Real-Time Management for managers because you need both to effectively grow revenue quickly.

Real-Time Coaching for Agents

Smart Checklist
Dynamic Prompts
Sticky Note

Real-Time Management for Managers

Agent Performance Dashboard
Dashboard Reports
Win Rate Analysis
Playbook Designer
Trend Analysis
Transcript Snippets
Weekly Management Insights

Complete Customer Success Access​

Balto Training & Tutorials
Dedicated Technical Success Manager
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Customer Support Specialists
Dedicated Support Channel
1 hour or less response times


Yes, Balto's fully equipped to handle teams with 10 to 10,000+ agents.

At this time, you need a softphone system used from a computer (if you’re plugging your headset into the computer to make calls, you can rest assured that Balto will work on your system). See the phone systems we've already integrated with here.

There are no hidden fees. Everyone who purchases Balto has full access to the customer success team and can use Balto to its full extent.

Yes, we have a 10 agent minimum.  If you have less than 10, contact us and we'll figure out a plan that works for you.