Balto & Ricochet360 Provide Automated Sales Support

Balto & Ricochet360 Provide Automated Sales Support

ST. LOUIS, April 15th, 2019– Balto Software, whose real-time speech analytics platform has revolutionized the way sales teams pursue leads, proudly announces its new partnership with Speed to Contact, makers of the Ricochet360 sales-automation platform. The deal gives sales teams a comprehensive, integrated sales-support solution providing an unprecedented level of support before, during, and after critical calls.

Ricochet360 is the industry’s leading all-in-one marketing-automation platform. Its full-featured CRM and lead-management system help sales agents get the jump on the competition and build smart campaigns tailored to each lead. Click-to-call, progressive, and predictive dialers use Ricochet’s robust cloud phone system to connect sales agents with the right leads at the right time.

Even when agents aren’t actively pursuing leads, Ricochet360’s marketing-automation features keep the fires burning with email, SMS, and social-media campaign support. And every function of Ricochet360 is documented with easy-to-use, actionable analytics.

About the only thing that Ricochet360 doesn’t do is help with sales calls themselves. That’s where Balto comes in.

Balto analyzes each sales call in real time, highlighting opportunities for sales agents to make compelling points, coaching them on what works and what doesn’t, and easing them away from potential missteps. Guidance appears in the form of easy-to-read yet unobtrusive messages on agents’ phone or computer screens.

“We built Ricochet360 to support sales agents right up to the moment a lead picks up the phone, and to continue that support immediately after each call ends,” notes Speed to Contact’s Vice President of Business Development, Steve Okun. Balto’s system completes that cycle of support by assisting sales agents while they’re engaged with leads. Our products complement each other perfectly, and I can’t wait to see what our customers do with such a powerful combination.”

The feeling is mutual. “We are thrilled to be working with Ricochet360,” says Balto COO Christopher Kontes. “Their marketing automation technology represents some of the most thorough, robust solutions in the market today. Our technologies complement each other perfectly, and I think that customers who have already enjoyed huge benefits from either Balto or Ricochet will feel right at home with what the other can do to drive sales.”

To learn more about how Balto and Ricochet360 are giving savvy sales team an unprecedented edge, please contact or 855-GO-BALTO.

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