Increase Average Payment Collected by 50-75%

Consistently collect more and collect compliantly in just 45 days.

Platform Overview

Collections Teams Collect More with Balto

Collectors get recommendations in real-time, which help collectors collect more and collect compliantly.

Simultaneously, managers receive insights into 100% of every call so they know who’s saying what they’re supposed to and can help agents increase average payments collected. 

Continuously increase collections while maintaining compliance in 3 easy steps.

1. Increase Every Collector's Ability to Collect More and Stay Compliant

Collectors consistently collect more and collect compliantly. 

Collectors do that by: 

  • Using the best rebuttals. 
  • Handling consumer concerns.
  • Starting high and negotiating the balance.
  • Saying all compliance statements word for word. 

2. Know Who’s Staying Compliant and Who’s Not

Know who’s using your compliance statements and who’s not.

Instead of listening to call recordings, get data showing who’s using offensive words, compliance statements, and collections strategies.

Use data to know exactly what works and what doesn’t and help collectors collect even more.

3. Collect Even More

Send your collectors new strategies and language that allow them to collect even more.

Collectors immediately start using your new strategies and language, you get more data, and then you give them better language and strategies so they can collect even more. 

Questions collection leaders should ask themselves

What if you could help collectors perfectly execute compliance statements, rebuttals, and negotiation strategies?

What if you knew exactly what was said on 100% of calls without listening to any call recordings?

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance is transforming how agencies operate. This transformation allows collection leaders to continuously collect more and stay compliant. 

Want to see Balto in action?

There’s no better way to see the power of real-time than to experience it live. Request a demo and we’ll show you the power of Balto’s real-time guidance in real-time on our first call.