Case Study:
Improving Insurance Metrics with Balto

The guidance system that I’ve been looking for so long is Balto.​
Call Center Director
Enterprise Insurance Company

Balto Customer's A/B Test Results

We conduced a 14 week A/B test with reps at a large insurance firm to measure the difference in performance between Balto users and Non-Balto users. After analyzing 10,000+ calls, we found that the company saw a 15% increase in conversion rates when comparing Balto users and non-Balto users. There was also a 7.8% increase in rep ratings and the average handle time decreased by 7.7%.

From this study, we forecasted that each rep will close a 114 additional sales per year.

0 %
Increase in Conversion Rates
0 %
Increase in Rep Ratings
0 %
Decrease in Avg. Handle Time

About Balto

Powered by AI, Balto analyzes speech on both sides of the call to instantly deliver critical information to reps while giving management insight into every conversation.

Learn how Balto’s Real Time Technology can quickly unify your team’s voice to improve your numbers. 

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