Expand Your Contact Center

Decrease ramp time, help reps become their best, and always project a consistent voice whether you have 10 reps or 10,000.

Decrease Ramp Time By Up to 75%

Balto’s best customers ramp reps 75% faster.

With Balto, your reps get the exact information they need when they need it most.

Balto gives new reps the confidence to handle every question and keep control on every call.

With Balto, you can put your new reps up against veteran reps any day. 

Balto’s dashboard suite will let you know how reps use your coaching. 

You’ll know which reps are following best practices like using enough empathy, using the right rebuttals, asking the right questions, and following the right call flows.

With your Balto data, push individualized coaching messages to your agents in real-time.

Know Where to Give Personalized Coaching

Many People, 1 Consistent Voice

Working from home?

Have multiple teams with different coaches?

Maybe you have call centers all over the country.

With Balto, all reps receive individualized coaching at scale.  They’ll project the same voice and will have the tools and coaching to perform like your veteran reps.

What does that feel like?  Total peace of mind.

What Balto Fans are Saying

“Balto shortens the training curve. One of our collectors came to us right out of high school, and in just two months he was already performing like an industry veteran.”

Roger Weiss, COO at CACi

“Balto helps newer agents to learn the script faster, handle sophisticated objections more efficiently, turn a lost opportunity into a won opportunity.”

Chaz Tedesco, Senior Systems Analyst at Momentum Solar

“Balto is there with you on every single call. It’s almost like having your own personal friend whispering in your ear… then it becomes routine, then it becomes habit.”

Anonymous Product Review

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Decrease ramp time by up to 75%, give better personalized service at scale, and project a consistent voice by giving consistent training across all your call centers with Balto.

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