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Real-Time Coaching

On every single call, agents consistently execute managers’ best practices which lead to perfect behaviors at scale. 

Powered by AI, Balto’s Real-Time Coaching uses speech analytics to listen to both sides of a conversation and visually prompts agents with the best thing to say, live on every call.

Balto’s Real-Time Coaching has five important features:

Smart checklist

With Balto, agents consistently execute important milestones. 

On every call, Balto guides agents through each important milestone so that agents stay on track and effectively carry out conversations that drive results. 

Every time an agent says a milestone, Balto hears it and automatically checks it off.

When agents say the final milestone, Balto shoots confetti to reinforce the good habit of successfully completing the conversation according to management’s best practices.

Dynamic prompts

With Balto agents always know key statements, word for word, during every call. 

Balto recognizes when an agent will need a key statement and automatically visually cues agents to say them. 

Successful rebuttals, closing statements, compliance statements, de-escalation techniques, and exact product knowledge instantly pop up when agents need them most. 

With Balto, your agents will never forget the most effective way to answer a question or move a conversation forward.  


With Balto, agents form great habits and managers can ensure a unified brand voice. 

During every call, Balto helps agents self-correct and form great habits. Backed by decades of habit-formation psychology, Balto’s Notifications gives agents instant feedback on keywords, soft-skills, and other habits they need to get right every time.  

With Balto, every agent will always leave customers and prospects with the same feeling of your company’s brand.

Sticky note

With Balto agents always remember new strategies, contests, and simple reminders. 

With the click of a button, management instantly puts a sticky note on each agent’s computer. Common uses of the sticky note include: 

  • New strategies (e.g try the assumptive close)
  • Contests (e.g whoever uses the most checklist items this week wins a $200 Amazon gift card)
  • Simple reminders (e.g smile and use excitement!) 

With Balto, agents never forget your reminders.


With Balto, agents can see exactly how they’re doing compared to other agents.

These stats create competition, accountability, and better results.

Balto’s leaderboard updates in real-time with important metrics like rebuttals, empathy, and de-escalated statement usage. Agents can access the leaderboard online or, if they’re in office, managers can put the leaderboards on big TVs.  

Leaderboards create a way to hold each agent accountable, creates competition, and ultimately better results. 

Real-Time Management

Management at contact centers use Balto to ensure agents use their best practices and guide the entire contact center to more revenue. 

Balto’s Real-Time Management has four important features:

Agent Performance Dashboard

Know what’s happening on 100% of calls. 

Balto automatically every calls into data.  This data goes to a dashboard and shows individual agent and  overall team performance. With Balto, management knows exactly who’s adhering to best practices, saying compliance statements, and much more. 

With the click of a button, management can see transcript snippets of a call, so they can get context without listening to the entire call.  

Gone are the days of listening to full call recordings.

Win Rate Analysis

Automatically know what leads to more revenue.

Balto’s Win Rate Analysis automatically analyzes data on the effectiveness of specific phrases across all agents. These phrases typically include rebuttals, de-escalation statements, and detailed product positioning. 

Once there’s enough data, Balto automatically shows agents which phrase is most effective, so they can win more calls.  

Automatically analyzing wins and pushing what’s working best to agents is the new normal.

Trend Analysis

Track trends that lead to transformation. 

With Trend Analysis, management can look for important trends, such as agent trends, consumer trends, or competitor mentions in Real-Time. 

These trends inform high level strategy and show you where your contact center needs to move toward. 

Playbook Designer

Continuously act on data and see revenue grow.

In the Agent Performance Dashboard, management has access to data that shows what’s working and what’s not.   With the push of a button, management can use this data to make changes at scale. 

Management can send agents new winning phrases, important points, reminders, and competitions which immediately appear on every reps desktop app. The best part? There’s no code involved. Anyone can easily make these changes. 

With Balto, there’s no excuse to stop improving your metrics. 

Guaranteed Success with Balto

Unlike most technologies, Balto is not just a vendor of a product.  Balto is a partnership. 

You’re not getting a product that you just use at your own will.  You’ll have a team of carefully crafted experts that understand your industry, your terminology, and the ways to help your business succeed. Balto’s customer success team will equip you with information and ideas to make your business grow constantly.

That’s the Balto Guarantee.


"The Best Technology with the Best People"

Balto's powerful recognition software is second to none and has allowed our business to transform the way we think, perceive, and conduct sales over the phone. Not only is the technology powerful, but the support and staff is superb. Balto has invested time in hiring the most educated, skills professionals in the industry that helped us develop a customized use for the technology. This isn't an "out of the box", plug a play tech. This is transformative, and we are grateful for the insights we have gained from the team.
Sean C.
Human Performance Expert

Partnering with Balto

Partnering with Balto is a 4 step process that never ends.  We want you to constantly succeed just as much as you want to constantly succeed.  That’s why, we’ll always help you improve your numbers. You’ll have world-class customer success from day 1 to day 10,001+.  Here’s what it looks like:

1. Onboarding.  Onboarding is our chance to give you a first impression. Once the technical parts of Balto are setup, you’ll meet with your customer success manager to talk about what success looks like for your business. You’ll see just how easy it is to use Balto’s many features. You’ll have all the tools, knowledge, and support to be as successful as possible.

2. Adoption. Adoption is important because all your agents will be on Balto.  Sometimes you’ll need help getting buy-in from agents or other teammates. No worries.  We have many proven ways to make sure everyone on your team is comfortable and excited to Use your new investment.

3. A/B test. Once you and your team are set up with Balto, we’ll show you  Balto’s impact first hand. We’ll setup an A/B test so you’ll have data to see Balto’s impact on your numbers.  Typically, you’ll see the initial A/B test results within your first 3 weeks.  At this time, you’ll already see hard to believe improvements, like 20% increase in conversions.

4. Constant improvement.  Balto support doesn’t stop after the first month.  We’ll give you continued support throughout your entire journey to make sure you always improve.  After all, who just wants a 20% increase in conversion rates?  You’ll have a whole team to help you constantly improve while you’re partnering with Balto. Your success is our success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Balto’s technology uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Speech Analytics (built with advanced and proprietary natural language processing).

No, Balto is Anti Scripting.  Now, you will upload a “script”, but we turn scripts into key milestones in a conversation. 


Conversations are fluid and dynamic, but you have to structure them.

If you don’t have a basic call structure, you can’t measure how well your team is doing.  If you can’t measure how well your team is doing, you can’t help them improve. 

All Balto interactions are PCI, PHI, PHII, and HIPPA compliant. All data is scrubbed of PCI information. Balto has bank-grade encryption. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  Please review our security page for more information.

When an agent starts a call, Balto will automatically start.   Balto is a slender application that sits on the right or left side of an agent’s screen. 

Throughout the call, Balto will visual prompt agents with real-time recommendations that you set up with the help of your customer success manager. 

Balto is very easy to use. 

Contact centers typically see major improvements in metrics in just 3 weeks. 

Yes, Balto is 100% customizable and it’s super easy to customize.  

Anyone in management can make changes without knowing any code or special syntax. 

Customers describe Balto as "a coach on rep's shoulders."

Balto only provides recommendations when agents need them most.

In other words, it's not distracting. 

With Balto, you'll have access to a dedicated support channel.  When you send a message,  that will give you a response, from a human, in 1 hour or less. At Balto, we don’t use bots for customer success.

At this time, you need a softphone system used from a computer (if you’re plugging your headset into the computer to make calls, you can rest assured that Balto will work on your system). See the phone systems we've already integrated with here.

Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (855) GO-BALTO.

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