Use Live Call Monitoring to Master Customer Engagement

by Chris Kontes | April 10th, 2019

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Call centers play a vital role in fostering healthy relationships with consumers. By giving brands a human presence, they ensure that customers feel accommodated. Live call monitoring enhances the effect by strengthening that sentiment — When call center staff have a coach to guide them, they find it far easier to hold constructive conversations.

How do today’s leading call centers make time to guide individual agents through engagements with consumers? Artificial intelligence, or A.I. and real-time speech analytics is a critical tool for making such endeavors possible. Here’s how it works and what to know about applying it in your call center.

What Is Live Call Monitoring?

Live call monitoring is the process of sitting in on an agent’s call in real time. Unlike reviewing recordings after the fact, this practice facilitates

1) Supervisory staff making suggestions in response to the caller’s inquiries and the agent’s replies,

2) On-the-fly training that catches bad practices before they have time to become habits, and

3) Corrective actions that are easier for the agent to understand in the context of their performance.

One of the most significant advantages of live call monitoring is that doing so eliminates a major learning disconnect — Instead of wondering whether they’re performing appropriately and having to guess how to respond, representatives gain access to instant feedback. This enhanced knowledge may prove invaluable in situations where high call volumes make it imperative to learn on the job.

Indeed, immediate reinforcement, i.e. providing feedback as immediately after the positive or negative action occurs, has been shown to be the most effective method for quickly modifying habits.

Why Live Call Monitoring Is Easier With Speech Analytics Software

Real-time Speech Analytics tools make live call monitoring far more achievable. Without it, call centers have to dedicate humans to tasks like sitting in on conversations, which isn’t always practical. They also run the risk that human errors might erase any benefits they’d hoped to win — If the monitor fails to catch a problem, it hinders the supervision or training. Additionally, humans are subjective, and the advice we give can fluctuate depending on external factors.

What Can Live Call Monitoring Powered by Speech Analytics Do What Human Monitors Can't?

Live Call Monitoring with Real-time speech analytics is like having an extra, more accurate set of ears — as well as the brain and mouth to go with them. It improves the efficiency of call monitoring by

1) Analyzing conversations word-by-word to highlight everything from weak phrasing, talking too fast, failing to overcome a sales objection, informality, combative language, or failing to listen effectively,

2) Tracking how well representatives achieve per-call objectives, such as promoting products, services, and offers,

3) Helping agents observe compliance regulations and avoid violations that might place your enterprise at risk, such as using threatening language or failing to state disclaimers,

4) Ensuring that reps stick to script and alerting them know when they deviate,

5) Monitoring pacing to ensure that agents don’t rush things or make listeners feel uncomfortable, and

6) Keeping call teams on track so that they provide uniform service and meet minimum quality levels.

True, veteran call center agents with years of experience can and do perform such tasks, but they have glaring limits — They can’t do them all at once. Additionally, experience reps may have developed bad habits that require ongoing immediate reinforcement to break.

Whereas humans can only monitor one call at a time, A.I. assistants provide universal, simultaneous live call guidance and monitoring to entire departments. Unlike people, speech analytics integrate seamlessly with call software to let reps know that they’ve checked off key objectives, such as getting all of the information required to serve a customer, nurture a lead or collect on a payable account.

A.I. call monitoring is also infinitely more consistent live call monitoring. Software doesn’t need to take breaks or respond to emergencies like a manager who doubles as a training manager might.

Making Calls Better for Customers with Live Call Monitoring

One of the most exciting promises of software-powered monitoring is that it stands to make calls more pleasing for consumers. In a world where most people are far too busy to deal with slow, uninformed or rude reps, Live call monitoring that helps your call center achieve enhanced performance quality is a major advantage. Making the switch could boost your ability to win contracts too — 62 percent of companies say that high-quality contact centers focus on providing better customer experiences.

Live Call Monitoring systems make customer service more rewarding

By helping representatives maintain easy, natural pacing, live call monitoring software can reduce the likelihood that the client might feel rushed or pressured. (McKinsey Insights)

A.I. tools that promote performance uniformity might make it easier to win lifelong fans. McKinsey Insights found that consistency during brand journeys was an important indicator of whether consumers would stay loyal or take their business elsewhere.

Live Call Monitoring and A.I. makes rote conversations less annoying by identifying pertinent details so that customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Respecting the Value of Time

One of the best ways to make calls more pleasant is to monopolize less of your consumers’ time with them.

Agents who keep intelligent live call monitoring software on deck gain access to more knowledge. When a customer asks a question, they don’t want to wait for the representative to look up the answer — no matter how good your agents may be at making small talk, that’s not what callers are there for. Taking too long to respond is a guaranteed way to make people feel negative about the interaction and the brand you represent.

Live Call Monitoring tools detect inquiries, find the information and display it to the agent in the same amount of time it would typically take to key in an appropriate inquiry and await the results. By respecting your customers’ time, you can reduce their frustration with the whole process. Why not make their lives more pleasant?

Leveraging the Power of De-escalation

Not every call follows a predictable path, and traditional scripts fail to take this into account. When someone demands information that an agent doesn’t have access to or refuses to calm down, it can be extremely difficult to know how to respond.Even if the script is well written and helpful, humans sometimes miss the nuanced elements of a conversation, which makes it hard to reference the proper elements of the script in the first place.

Live Call Monitoring tools act as calming influences that help agents keep their cool. By providing them with specific verbiage and de-escalation tactics designed to get situations under control, it lowers the likelihood of adverse outcomes. Live Call Monitoring tools that can recognize consumers’ emotional state and provide representatives with actual solutions make it possible to leave people feeling satisfied instead of angrier.

Changing the Culture of Consumer Contact

A.I. live call monitoring’s consistency facilitates behind-the-scenes improvements that result in better outreach. The data gathered from conversations gets analyzed immediately. This process builds a knowledge base highlighting the factors that determine call satisfaction.

Why spend time collecting feedback or waiting for customer response surveys? Contact center managers can immediately hone in on the issues that matter most to their callers and their business.

Making Calls More Productive for Enterprises with Live Call Monitoring

Businesses that tackle calls in-house also stand to benefit from live call monitoring A.I. Small-to-medium enterprises, franchises, and large companies don’t always have the time, money or knowledge resources to train their staff in remote customer service. Live call monitoring software promotes the skills needed to make headway on the go.

Live Call Monitoring A.I. tools make it easier to sidestep mistakes that are known to lose calls and kill leads. They enhance an agent’s ability to identify real pain points and ask relevant questions in search of genuinely useful solutions. They also encourage soft skills, such as listening actively, to transform representatives into better communicators.

Traditional scripts try to give representatives the tools to overcome consumer objections. Their capabilities are minimal; however, the agent still has to know when to use specific techniques and how to recognize resistance. In many cases, overly aggressive mishandling can leave the customer feeling abused and decidedly unlikely to convert.

Live Call Monitoring helps reps foster better habits. It tells them when they’re dominating the dialogue so that they can have genuine conversations instead of overwhelming people with unwelcome one-way sales pitches. Considering that most reps forget the majority of their training in under a week, switching to consistent live call monitoring seems like the logical choice for maintaining standards.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize How You Make Contact?

Talking to customer service representatives may not be most people’s idea of a fun way to spend their time. There are, however, those rare examples of calls that keep customers happy and help companies profit. Why not make such successes the norm?

Get at the heart of the data that powers better outreach. Discover why more contact centers and companies are using Balto to enhance their customer engagement practices. Get in touch today.

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