How to Improve Call Quality with Balto

Whether your call center manages sales, customer service, or any other entity that makes calls, the quality of the customer interactions on those calls is paramount to success. Paper scripts, or even static computer scripts, are one way to control customer interactions on the phone. They are, however, inherently inflexible, and still require human call center agents to reference the correct portions of their script on the fly, which is particularly challenging, especially as conversations become increasingly nuanced. Separately, it takes too long for a person to skim through the responses to find what is relevant to the conversation, which increases hold times and signals to the caller that they are dealing with an inexperienced rep.

The Solution

In an age of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to create software that will react to a customer’s situation and to present solutions from a script that are tailored to that customer’s points of pain. The system analyzes the speech patterns of any business’s top performing reps and instantly adjusts scripting recommendations to best reflect each particular situation in order to improve call quality.

How Balto Improves Call Quality

Ever manager has wished to clone the company’s best call center reps. Balto’s groundbreaking software lets one come as close to that as possible. In real time, the software will analyze the speech patterns of the rep and give that rep coaching and guidance during the call. It will present the winningest statements and closing strategies that are taken from the top reps in the company. In this way, Balto helps quickly improve call quality across an entire call center.

Companies have a script for a reason. Their reps have to follow that script for any number of legal, competitive, or sales-related reasons. Sometimes, if a rep deviates from the script, it is inconsequential. Other times, however, it can lead to disaster, particularly if it involves mandated disclaimers or other such verbiage.

The software will listen for incorrect language and alert reps in real time to correct themselves and to apologize for any off-script or misleading messages. This cuts down on after-the-fact complaints about which one can do nothing except appease. The self-correction process not only cuts down on complaints but also builds an image of mistake acknowledgement and integrity. As a result, call center managers can improve call quality without directly intervening in conversations.

Using such analytical power to control call flows also improves call quality. Nothing is missed so that prospects and customers can feel as if every need was met. Paying attention to quality leads to better customer satisfaction, less churn, and a solid image as a company that does right by its customers.

The evolving script, too, empowers reps to de-escalate calls without needing a supervisor transfer, especially if the supervisor is going to say the same thing as the rep. The software detects language patterns common in escalated situations and automatically presents solutions for the rep to use to take control and turn the call around.

Additionally, Balto’s speech analytics improves call quality by giving agents information from company databases instantly. Reps no longer need to put the customer on hold (or miss a sales opportunity) to look up information. By suggesting helpful information in the moment, the rep is both knowledgeable and helpful, improving call quality. Customers are impressed with right answers and sincere efforts to fix their issues. In fact, many customers rank good treatment and swift problem resolution as more important to their loyalty than monetary discounts or “go away” promotions.

Finally, Balto saves managers money when it comes to quality assurance as well. It costs just 2 percent what a QA rep costs, making it a helpful addition to your QA team. Instead of monitoring only select calls, Balto monitors all calls, so that nothing slips through the cracks. By automatically detecting and suggesting areas for improvement, Balto automatically improves call quality over time.

Improve Call Quality by Making the Uncomfortable, Comfortable

Reps don’t like doing collections because it’s difficult to know what to say in many situations. Reps fumble over words, and the customers get irate because it seems as if the reps don’t know what they’re doing. Balto makes avoiding this easier than ever before.

The software listens to the language during the call, determines the issue and provides a list of winning language that has closed talk-offs in the past. Reps feel empowered to have conversations without fear of not knowing what to say.

Training is a Snap

In the past, there are so many processes and so many laws that employees have to learn that training could take weeks or even months. Additionally, new reps are forced take phone calls without a full training, reducing call quality. With Balto, artificial intelligence hands reps their verbiage so that nothing is missed. Training is required less because it’s mostly systems instead of policies and procedures, increasing call quality without requiring additional manager inputs.

Sure, the training has to include that stuff, but it doesn’t need to take weeks anymore. The system is like a QA person standing behind the rep pointing to the right thing to say. It’s better for the reps, too, because they almost can not fail a call. In this way, Balto improves call quality automatically.

Balto provides disclaimer verbiage, required contractual messages, and such if the rep doesn’t remember to include them. If the rep still misses something for some strange reason, the software will immediately notify the manager so that the manager can coach or discipline the rep as necessary. In doing so, managers can put new reps on the phones sooner without compromising on call quality.

How to Improve Call Quality Through Gamification

A bit of healthy, good-natured competition is a boon to morale. Because Balto tracks everything and puts it into dashboard form, it’s easy to create stat-based games that improve call quality as scale. Examples might include:

  • Overcoming objections
  • Outright sales
  • Most calls not missing anything that needs a Balto reminder
  • Asking the most questions
  • Most calls handled with satisfied customers

This list is not exhaustive, by any means, but it is a good place to start with the in-office “Balto Games.” Balto even keeps score with its dashboard feature! The contests can occur in real time, and managers can dole out the small rewards the same day. That way, reps can compete during live conversations to improve their person call quality.

Conscientious and Discreet

Companies can rest assured that, despite Balto’s ability to record and remember everything, the software does not try to remember things it shouldn’t. Customers’ credit card numbers, vital statistics, and things like credit data remain unrecorded even as Balto keeps everything else. As a bonus, Balto’s software is encrypted for extra security.

The Little Things that Improve Call Quality

We want your transition to using Balto to go without a hitch. That’s why we’ll meet with you beforehand and use the information we gather to customize Balto for your business.

When companies call us, an excited, well-trained, and yes, Balto-powered human rep will answer your call. We never automate. Better yet, we assign a dedicated account manager to handle all concerns and necessary changes and updates.

We even guarantee up times because our product is useless to any company if it is nonfunctional. Security is also a big part of what we provide. Balto uses 256-bit encryption for every call.

The Final Word

If someone wants to know how to improve call quality in every aspect, then Balto is the place to turn. We’re powerful, user-friendly, and flexible, so businesses will benefit from everything we provide. Give us a call today and set up a hassle-free, commitment-free demonstration.