Customer Service Tip – How to Handle Frustrated Callers

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One Simple Trick to Handle Frustrated Callers

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On this video, we discuss how active listening helps reps handle frustrated Callers by ensuring customers are always on the same page.

Active listening is simple: just paraphrase what the customer said and then ask, “Is that right”?

Consider a scenario where you’re working with a frustrated caller who says, “I just want to get off the phone.” Try active listening: “No problem. If I understand you correctly, you’re saying we need to wrap up this call ASAP, is that right?”

This simple phrase empowers you to regain control of the call and easily transition to proposing an action plan.

So remember: the next time you find yourself on the phone with a frustrated customer, paraphrase the customer’s concern and ask, “Is that right?” Your customers will love you for it.



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