Consistently Wow and Impress Customers

Leave every customer thinking, “Wow, that was incredible.” 90 seconds faster.

Platform Overview

Customer Service and Balto

Good Customer Service contact centers become great customer service contact centers when:

  • Reps consistently have great conversations that wow and impress customers
  • Management knows exactly what’s happening on 100% of calls
  • Management can help reps improve at scale
  • There’s a process to implement instant improvements. 


On every call, Balto helps reps speak with knowledge, confidence, and friendleiness which leave customers with a consistent and lasting impression of their company. Reps receive real-time recommendations that give contact centers one unified voice. Managers use Balto to know what’s happening on 100% of calls.  Leadership uses Balto drive even better metrics, like CX, AHT, CSAT, and FCR. 

Leave every customer feeling GREAT

Balto helps reps consistently represent your company and give top quality service on every call.  


With Balto, management can design detatailed key milestones, phrases, product information, and best practices that reps see on every call. Reps will ask the right questions, give the best answers, de-escalate situations, and so much more using your brand’s language. 


Reps and managers love Balto because expectations are clear, and there’s a clear path to improve which leaves customers feeling GREAT.

Ramp new reps 75% faster

For the first time ever, new reps will deliver the same customer experience as veteran reps because they’ll get the same tips and recommendations in real-time.

Product information, specific phrases, and key milestones, in conversations, become a breeze for every rep with Balto’s Real-Time Guidance. With Balto, there’s no more forgetting or fear of messing up. There are only lasting Impressions and happy customers.

Know what’s happening on 100% of calls

Managers know exactly what’s happening on 100% of calls with Balto’s Real-Time Management. 

During every call, Balto automatically pushes data, in real-time, on quality, overall team performance, and individual rep performance down to specific phrases to managers and leadership. With Balto, customer service management knows if reps are saying what they’re supposed to, what drives the best experience, and what needs to change to improve metrics. Managers can hold their team accountable and actually implement new coaching or training. 

With Balto, management has actionable data that drives key metrics and, ultimately, more revenue. 

Continuous Customer Experience Optimization

Once management has data that shows what’s working and what’s not, they can use Balto to address inefficiencies and improve metrics that lead to customer satsifaction.  

 With the push of a button, management can send winning phrases, key milestones, and information to every single rep.  


Immediately, management will start to see the inefficient become efficient , improvements in key metrics, and more customers with glowing smiles. 

 Helping reps have better conversations = a better customer experience. 

Drive Significant Results Quickly with Balto

What if your reps consistently used all of your coaching on every call? 

What if you knew what was happening on 100% of calls and had data you could use to improve your most important metrics like CX, NPS, FCR, and AHT? 

What if you could also automatically say goodbye to 11 of the worst problems plaguing customer service contact centers? Problems including: 

  • Long ramp times (4-6 weeks)
  • Reps forgetting 59% of new training after the 1st week
  • Reps not knowing what’s expected
  • Average contact center attrition  (35-100%)
  • Whisper mode
  • Listening to a handful of calls to check quality
  • Relying on post-call analytics that gives insights too late
  • Escalated calls that leave customers with a negative impression
  • Inconsistent conversatsions
  • A reactive contact center
  • Processes that don’t lead to change 

How much better off would customers be? How much more revenue would your customer service contact center drive?  

Balto’s Real-Time Technology is transforming how Contact Centers operate, which leads to happier reps, managers, leadership, and customers. Oh, and way more revenue. Not convinced? 

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