A Letter from Balto’s CEO and Resources to Help Your Business Adapt​

Dear Balto Customer,

I hope you are staying healthy and adapting well to this incredibly challenging time.

Balto is here to help you. I mean it.

We’re fast-tracking new features for our customers, sending give-aways to at-home agents, and writing up guides for how you can use Balto to change your organization’s communications at a moment’s notice.

You’ve probably never heard Balto’s mission, but now seems like an appropriate time to share it with you.

Balto transforms how organizations communicate by redefining how people and machines work together.

I can think of no time in recent history where this has been more important.

To help your team adapt to this truly unprecedented environment, here are 3 resources you might find useful.

1. 5 practical ways you can help your team go remote using Balto
2. New Balto features we’re fast-tracking to help you supervise, coach, and QA your team remotely
3. Details on how to get quick support from Balto for remote installs, troubleshooting, or questions about your playbooks

To Balto’s SMB customers: we hear how badly you are hurting. Just a few weeks ago, the economy was roaring, and then almost overnight, businesses everywhere came to a screeching halt. Balto is dedicated to working with you through this immensely difficult time. If you need help setting up your IT infrastructure for remote operations, let us know, and we’ll assign an engineer or technical success manager to help you out. If you need a new payment plan to extend your cash buffer, reach out to me, and we’ll make it happen. If you’re struggling to develop messaging that your agents can use to soothe customers’ concerns about the coronavirus, Balto can help. We’d even be happy to do a virtual training with your agents on best practices for talking about the coronavirus.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with questions or concerns. Balto is doubling down on delivering an exceptional experience to our customers and we want to hear your voice.

Thank you so much for partnering with us. Stay safe, good luck, and let’s beat this thing.


Marc Bernstein

CEO, Balto

Resources for Handling Covid