Increase Conversion Rates by 20-35%

See your conversion rates increase by 20-35% in just 45 days.

Platform Overview

Sales Teams Close More with Balto

On every call, Balto gives agents recommendations in real-time which help agents close more. Simultaneously, managers receive insights into 100% of every call which help leadership make changes that drive higher conversion rates.

The best part? Continually increase conversion rates through 3 easy steps.

1. Increase Every Agent’s Ability to Sell

Agents consistently use best practices that drive more sales.  

  • Using the best rebuttals.
  • Selling on value rather than features.
  • Executing upsell and cross-sell strategies. 

When agents always use your best practices, they sell more.   

2. Know What Leads to More Sales

Forget listening to call recordings. Know exactly what’s happening on 100% of your calls by looking at data.

Balto gives you data on individual agent performance and overall team performance all the way down to specific language.

Know what agents should be doing to close the most sales and make sure they’re doing it.

3. Continuously Increase Conversion Rates

Address inefficiencies and make changes in real-time. 

Give agents better language that drives sales, with the push of a button.  

Immediately see an increase in conversion rates, collect more data, use it, and increase conversions rates even more.  

Questions that sales leaders need to ask themselves

What if agents had better conversations that lead to more sales and better relationships? 

What if every agent sold as much as your top performer? 

How much more revenue would you have if your most important metrics like conversion rates, average dollar per sale, and appointments booked went up?  

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance is transforming how contact centers operate. When agents have better sales conversations and managers use data to help agents have better conversations, contact centers become extremely profitable. Top contact center leaders have seen Balto’s impact firsthand, and they don’t know how their contact center operated before.

Want to see Balto in action?

There’s no better way to see the power of real-time than to experience it live. Request a demo and we’ll show you the power of Balto’s real-time guidance in real-time on our first call.