Increase Conversion Rates​

By using Balto to have consistently excellent sales conversations​

Here's an Overview of How to Give Better Service 90 Seconds Faster

Agents take control of the call from the very beginning. 

When agents go off track or talk too much, they get a reminder to get back to the main point of the call. 

A customer wants to know more about a product? Agents will know all the exact details with automatic pop-ups from your knowledgebase. No more digging, searching or opening up new tabs. 

Empathy? Active listening? All a breeze for reps to use with Balto.

Managers can check to see how their team is doing and leadership can use data to drive even better results. 

With Balto, it’s that easy to give a better experience 90 seconds faster. 

Here’s exactly how you could setup Balto to give a better experience, 90 seconds faster

Before we get started, get familiar with Balto’s 4 main features within the rep-facing tool: 

  • Smart Checklist
  • Notifications
  • AI Knowledge base
  • Sticky note

Managers and leadership will update these in Balto’s Real-Time Management.  Any changes will automatically go to the rep facing desktop app.  


First, set up your Smart Checklist

A great checklist has these 5 items: 

  1. Friendly Introduction: “Hi, my name’s ___. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to? “
  2. Set the tone: “Can you give me a breif overview of the problem you’re expriencing”
  3. Empathy: “I heard you say ____. Is that right?”
  4. Resolution: “It seems you’re ___ is set up. Is that right?”
  5. Win Marker: “Thanks fo talking today, if you run into any issues please let me know! Have a great day”

On every call, your reps should say these things, no matter what.


Then, set up your AI Knowledge base

Put all your most common product information and conversation deviations. 

Remember, Balto picks up everything.  So, if customers say something like pricing, a specific product name, or any common questions, you can set up the perfect response.


Next, set up Notifications for big problems

All words you don’t want to use, don’t. For example, if reps should never say ____, then make sure they don’t say it.


Then, set up the Sticky Note.

Run a contest that says “Whoever has the most calls under 10 minutes and the most positive reviews, gets a $25 gift card.”

Or, set up a simple reminder to smile on every call. 


Finally, let Balto's AI work

Let Balto run for a few weeks to collect data.

While Balto is collecting data, look at your service times and your dashboards. 

Look for reps not following your checklist items (or key call milestones), look for AI knowledgebase items used. 

Talk to individual reps, get feedback, update your content in Balto, and then follow the same process. 

Drive Better Customer Experiences with Balto

What if your reps consistently used all of your coaching on every call? 

What if you knew what was happening on 100% of calls and had data you could use to improve your most important metrics like CX, NPS, FCR, and AHT? 

What if you could also say goodbye to 11 of the worst problems plaguing customer service contact centers? Problems including: 

1. Long ramp times (4-6 weeks)

2. Agents forgetting 59% of new training after the 1st week

3. Agents not knowing what’s expected

4. Average contact center attrition (35-100%)

5. Relying on post-call analytics that gives insights too late

6. Listening to a handful of calls to check quality

7. Whisper mode

8. A reactive contact center

9. Inconsistent conversations

10. Escalated calls that leave customers with a negative impression

11. Processes that don’t lead to change

How much better off would customers be? How much more revenue would your customer service contact center drive?  

Balto’s Real-Time Technology is transforming how Contact Centers operate, which leads to happier reps, managers, leadership, and customers. Oh, and way more revenue. Not convinced? 

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