Discover the Raw Power of Voice Analytics Technology

by Chris Kontes | April 22nd, 2019

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The future of calls is here.  Powered by artificial intelligence and voice analytics, Live Call Guidance is the first of its kind.  In this article, we discuss what voice analytics has allowed in terms of technology.

Balto’s voice analytics technology understands phone conversations and, live in call, alerts call center agents with the best thing to say. Balto’s voice analytics technology sits in the background while your team members make calls, and it then gives them on-screen prompts that guide the conversation in the right direction. This feature provides you with excellent benefits:

  • Decreased Handle Times
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • A Consistent Voice
  • Identify and Address Problem Areas
  • Better Sales Calls
Decrease Handle Times

Consider the amount of time it takes for your team members to complete customer service calls. If you could reduce call time a little, it could have a significant benefit on your bottom line.

You could complete a few more calls each day and reach many more people over the long run. When Balto runs in the background, it tells your customer service agents what to say and when to say it. These on-screen prompts help your agents meet the needs of your customers much sooner, and they can then move on to other callers.

Separately, customers don’t like waiting on hold. Balto’s voice analytics technology recognizes customer questions and automatically provides agents with the right answers for a better call experience.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Voice Analytics Technology

No matter your industry, customer satisfaction should be your No. 1 priority at all times. In addition to walking away from your company, unhappy customers write bad reviews online.

Keep your customers happy with voice analytics technology, and the difference will amaze you. Balto predicts why your customers are upset and gives your agents the most likely response to improve the situation. Although keeping all of your customers happy is impossible, Balto gives you noticeable improvements before long.

Establish a Consistent Voice

If you want to establish a clear and consistent voice for your company but don’t know how voice analytics technology is the answer. Balto’s voice analytics technology learns the words and phrases you prefer using and makes sure your agents stay on track.

No matter which agent your customers call, they get the same friendly and professional support they have learned to expect from you. Balto detects when your agents deviate from the message you want to send and gives them a gentle nudge back in the right direction. If you are serious about improving your results and getting the outcome you want, this feature does the trick.

Identify and Address Problem Areas

While voice analytics technology gives on-screen prompts to keep each conversation on point, it also does much more than that. It can analyze call metrics and help you spot problem areas that require your attention. For example, it can compare calls that end in a sale with calls that don’t and provide insights into the specific language reps should be using to optimize call results.

Over time, Balto’s voice analytics technology picks up on patterns and shows you where you are going wrong and losing the customer. With that information on hand, you review your approach and make the needed changes to defeat the roadblock. Following these steps lets you take your profit up to another level without too much effort, and you will be pleased with your progress.

Skyrocket Your Sales with Voice Analytics Technology

Your sales are one of the most vital aspects of your call center. Whether you promote products and services or do collection calls, your goal is to get the person on the other line to pay. Luck plays a role in your sales, but the skill of your team is another essential factor you can never ignore.

A skilled sales representative can pick up on the hidden wants and desires of your prospects, using that information to earn the sale. Learning the right words to use in different situations takes years of practice, but you can cut the learning curve with voice analytics technology.

Learn More about Voice Analytics Technology

If you would like to use voice analytics technology that earns results, Balto could be the solution for which you have been looking.  In addition to providing on-screen prompts that guide each call along the correct path, it also stores data and lets you track your progress over time. Balto’s voice analytics technology streamlines the sales and customer service process so that you can get better results than ever, and you will know using this voice analytics technology was the right move for your call center.

When you consider the boost to your bottom line, Balto is an investment that offers returns you deserve. It takes you by the hand and shows you what to do each step of the way. If you would like to learn more about how Balto’s voice analytic technology can benefit your call center, request a demo today!