Choosing the Most Effective Speech Analytics Solution

by Chris Kontes | April 15th, 2019

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Running a call center takes drive and effort, but why not work smarter? Using data to analyze the way your agents and reps communicate might make it easier to forge connections with consumers. If you want your engagements to be as meaningful as possible, then you need speech analytics solutions that provide the necessary insights.

What makes a good speech analytics solution? And how can you ensure that yours is living up to its full potential? Here’s what to know about imbuing your calling practices with greater impact.

Speech Analytics Solutions Explained

What does speech analysis entail? To tell the whole story, you need to attack the problem on multiple fronts.

Qualitative Analysis

When trying to improve call center performance, it makes sense to look at qualitative factors, such as a speaker’s tone, word choices or mannerisms. These characteristics have a significant impact on how listeners receive information, so they can determine whether agents close sales, answer questions effectively and leave customers feeling happy.

Qualitative variables are often couched in personal opinion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t judge them in a consistent, unbiased manner. Good speech analytics solutions take the uncertainty out of the equation by associating their reporting with numerical measurements — in stark contrast to how a human would evaluate speech quality.

Where a listener might express a vague feeling that one of your agents was unprofessional, A.I.-powered speech analytics solutions provide more constructive feedback. By highlighting the exact moments when reps use weak language or unclear terms, they make it simpler to understand where things started going wrong.

Qualitative speech analytics solutions also assess semantic meaning, and this empowers companies to get their messaging strategies on point. For instance, you might decide to

  • Track how often your agents deviate from script to make adjustments that flow more naturally within live conversations,
  • Provide agile checklists that remind agents to state disclosures and address marketing points as they go, or
  • Furnish reps with helpful hints, instant prompts and conversational tools for easing past difficult topics.

Quantitative Analysis with Speech Analytics

The idea of using mathematics to rigorously analyze verbal communication dates back decades. As early as the 1970s, computers made it possible to look at the underlying soundwaves of speech and identify unique characteristics that differentiated speakers.

Around the same time, researchers began to observe ties between speaking patterns and listener perceptions. One 1975 paper established mathematical models showing that people judged a speaker’s benevolence and competence according to how quickly they talked.

Fast-forward to the modern era, and such ideas have mutated to power comprehensive speech analytics solutions that track quality factors with extremely high resolution. Modern platforms can integrate with call center software in real time to show agents.

  • Their rate of speech and when they need to slow down,
  • Who’s doing the most talking and whether they should let the customer get a few more words in,
  • How long they typically take to conclude calls and where their sales close rates stand, and
  • How their performance compares to the rest of their teammates.

The Fundamentals of Business-ready Speech Analytics Solutions

What should your speech analytics solution accomplish? In addition to hitting the qualitative and quantitative points discussed above, it’s crucial to find a platform that:

  • Integrates seamlessly with your customer relationship management tools, VoIP system or sales platform without requiring you to adjust scheduling or rebuild your system from the ground up,
  • Features cutting-edge security, such as HTTPS, bank-grade 256-bit encryption and comprehensive testing, by design — not as an afterthought or premium add-on,
  • Supports custom conversation milestones for bespoke auditing and compliance, and

Remember that the most impactful call center speech analytics solutions let organizations learn continuously — Your reps and managers should be building their skills in the middle of calls as well as receiving helpful pointers during their downtime.

Taking a comprehensive approach to call analytics could help you set the tone for more successful customer contact practices. From teaching your reps how to speak to telling them what to say, A.I. platforms make it simpler to use speech analytics data for the greater organizational good. To find out how, request a Balto demo today.

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