Changes on the Fly: Ultra-Efficiency in the Age of Real-Time Voice Analytics

by Chris Kontes | April 16th, 2020

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Once reps are trained and begin their time on the floor in any call center or other phone-related job, they need support. They need constantly updated information because the nature of business in the 21st century, especially call center business, is inherently unstable. The old joke about, “The only thing constant is change,” never rang truer than on the floor of a call center.

Consequently, businesses must be aware of trends in many different areas. Customer preference, market share of various demographics, changing technology, and even shifting language development all contribute to the ephemeral nature of call center operations. Perhaps the most ephemeral thing of all is the mood of the customer on the phone.

Customers want certain things. They call up happy and expect to get those things. If the company policy is that, for whatever reason, they don’t get those things, their mood can go from happy to screaming banshee in seconds. Reps need to be empowered to solve these situations.

Real-Time Voice Analytics helps reps through challenging situations by understanding phone conversations and automatically prompting reps with the best things to say, live in call.

Rep Empowerment with Real-time Voice Analytics

Reps aren’t born knowing exactly what to say in all situations. Sometimes, they say the wrong thing, and the customers start yelling for a supervisor or manager. Many times, the “higher-ups” tells the customer exactly the same thing as the rep did but does so in a different way.

Instead of handing a rep a stifling script that doesn’t allow the rep to do anything other than try mightily to take an order, it’s far better to empower the rep to handle more situations. Handle time decreases if the rep doesn’t have to hold for a supervisor to be free. Customers appreciate efficiency, and reps appreciate being trusted with the power to solve customers’ points of pain. Real-time Voice Analytics help eliminate predictable human mistakes by guiding them with the right things to say. Managers can adjust phrasing, messaging, and hundreds of other variables that dictate call performance across a call center.

The Power of Real-Time Voice Analytics

About 10 years ago, there was a trend of telling the customer a “soft no” with some smarmy apologetic script filler to transition back to asking for the sale. In 2019, businesses have realized that customers don’t like fake apologies. Instead, clear and honest communication works far better than virtual “back slaps” and “hollow laughs.”

How did businesses learn this? They began implementing voice analytics and listened, gathered data, and analyzed call center calls. They heard that when a rep said, “No, Mr. Smith, I cannot do that for you, but I understand your frustration and anger am willing to work with you to find an alternative solution,” it was much better received than the older style of script.

Waiting 10 years, or even months or weeks, to figure something out is no longer a tenable situation in the world of 21st-century business. Businesses need to know now so that they can make changes on-the-fly. That’s where Balto’s groundbreaking software comes in.

Real-Time Voice Analytics allows managers not only to track the results of conversations using certain language, tone, and speech flow, but it also measures the tone of voice of both the customer and the rep and makes those needed changes on-the-fly.

Balto’s real-time voice analytics software has vast amounts of research-backed data built in about customer interaction, and it responds in real time by providing reps with suggested phrases that are proven to work in the situation at hand. The focus of these phrases is empathy, acknowledgement, and problem-solving.

Examples include:

•”I’m very sorry, Mrs. Smith, but we cannot do that. Here are two similar options. Which possible option best suits your needs?”
•”I understand that it’s disconcerting to get an empty box instead of what you ordered, Mx. Johnson. I truly apologize for the inconvenience. Which address would you like to use to resend your order free-of-charge?”
•”It’s great to hear from a repeat customer like you, Mr. Jones!”

Flexibility is Essential

Because the world of business, including customer preferences and such, is ever-changing, the set of information contained in Balto’s real-time voice analytics software cannot be static. Let’s say that a company’s AHT goal is 600 seconds per call. Some enterprising rep in the company comes up with a dynamite phrase to use in place of something in the script, and by using this one phrase, that rep consistently achieves an AHT that is 20 percent lower than the goal.

Obviously, the company would benefit by having all of its reps working within 480 seconds AHT rather than 600 seconds. Balto’s real-time voice analytics would realize this and would automatically update the script based on the new phrasing so that everyone could achieve that one rep’s best practice. The same holds true regarding sales tricks, de-escalation processes, compliance issues, and all the rest of the items involved in call center operations.

Consistency is Necessary, Too

Despite the way things change, “staying the same” is equally important. When things change, everyone has to change at the same time to avoid the, “But the last rep said…,” phenomenon. If there are 500 reps on the line, and only 475 of them are working from the most updated info, the 25 reps who aren’t, through no fault of their own, could cause serious problems of customer perception based on the outdated, and therefore false, information they would be giving customers. Real-time voice analytics provide consistent, effective information so that each rep is using the same methodology and conversation techniques as the top performers.

These updates must be not only consistent but also timely. It does no good to have new information if it takes hours to disseminate it. Balto’s real-time voice analytics will instantly provide reps with the newest information so that nothing is lost. With the software in place, companies will always be putting their best foot forward.

The Need...for Speed

Part of efficiency is maximizing phone time and minimizing off-phone time, such as for new training. Because Balto’s real-time voice analytics instantly updates verbiage, processes, and the like using state-of-the-art speech analytics, reps already have everything they need without having to log out, schlep down to the training room, and spend an hour in class.

The company’s training team can, therefore, prepare for and concentrate on new hires with only an occasional necessary class for existing agents. That way, both training and production are more efficient than ever before.

Keeping it All Straight

Management has to know what’s going on at all times. With 500 reps, it used to be impossible to monitor everything. Stuff fell through the cracks.

With Balto’s real-time voice analytics, this is no longer the case. The software monitors everything and presents it in a user-friendly and powerful dashboard system that shows management everything that’s going on at any one time. Managers can swiftly see problem areas and craft solutions.

With Balto’s real-time voice analytics on the job, however, problem areas will be, if not eliminated completely, much reduced over what the business experienced before installing the software. Rather than focusing on what goes wrong, Balto’s real-time voice analytics enables managers to focus on what’s going right and on the success it breeds.

The Final Word on Real-Time Voice Analytics

Balto’s innovative software is industry-leading can provide any company with a leg up on its competition. real-time demonstration with no strings attached. To find out more and to book an appointment and bring the company firmly into the 21st century, contact us today!

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