Monitoring Phone Calls For Superior Results

by Chris Kontes | April 10th, 2019

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Monitoring phone calls make it possible to refine and improve many aspects of customer service, which increases sales. There are many details that go into a great customer service experience, so it is important to get new agents practicing these methods as soon as possible. However, the learning curve is different for each person, so added support is always beneficial.

Balto’s artificial intelligence monitors phone calls to help companies are struggling to manage consistent results on their phone calls; it is almost impossible to keep every member of the team on the same page. Balto monitors phone calls so that managers and reps can guarantee a consistent experience for every customer.

Monitoring Phone Calls with Balto Software

With Balto, businesses get more value every time they monitor phone calls. For example, supplementary features make the process of training staff easy and efficient. New hires can make a significant impression on customers, and it’s important to get them up to speed as soon as possible.

Previously, software was used for monitoring phone calls, but the training would only occur after the fact. Separately, reviewing calls was also done manually by QA teams. This means that the opportunity to change the course of the conversation was always lost. Balto’s software was designed for live call interactions, and this serves as an intervention tool for calls that might be going wrong.

How Does Balto's Call Monitoring Work?

Monitoring phone calls with Balto means a lot more than merely listening to maintain quality; it also provides managers with the ability to intervene. Representatives who are using confrontational language will receive prompts that help them change their tone and salvage the situation.

Balto can enforce certain kinds of behaviors, which are determined by the manager or director. This allows the software to make suggestions during live calls while there is still a chance to influence the outcome. These prompts are useful for training new hires, but they can also help experienced customer service representatives deal with difficult situations.

Monitoring Phone Calls Impacts Bottom Line

Representatives need solid strategies when talking on the phone to customers. In the past, the training for this would occur while they were away from the phone lines. However, Balto now makes it possible to train new agents on the job.

On the very first day, a new hire can adopt the language known to get results. Balto monitors phone calls and guides reps through their calls, based on what artificial intelligence is actually hearing. The software can help them use the best terminology for any situation.

The results speak to the merits of this system; conversion rates increase by as much as 25 percent using live call interactions, while customers experience a higher quality of service.

Training new agents is a useful application of Balto, but monitoring phone calls also aid in the professional development of seasoned call representatives. For example, experienced workers may have ingrained habits that are not easily changed. Balto can help them to adopt more appropriate language and speaking habits while on a live phone call.

Manager dashboards provide real-time data about phone calls that are ongoing, and this allows supervisors to see all relevant activity at a glance. Monitoring phone calls with Balto is effective because it allows the manager to adjust the terminology and language that Balto will enforce. This is useful when the manager wants to make sure that all sales reps perform a specific task during each call.

Monitoring Phone Calls with Balto

Balto monitors phone calls and can quickly identify problem areas and make corrections. The software can recognize a customer who is making an objection, for example. It detects levels of customer interest as well, and it can help representatives overcome rebuttals or complaints.

Balto also provides valuable information to the call representative while monitoring phone calls. This can help sales reps close the deal because any waiting is an opportunity for the customer to change directions. Monitoring phone calls using Balto enables supervisors to manage large numbers of sales calls effectively.

Detecting the mood of the customer is a critical part of closing the deal. Sales closures happen best during the moment when the person expresses interest, but pain points also signal that it’s time to go for the close. Balto can detect these emotional states and prompt the representative appropriately.

Finally, Balto monitors phone calls to ensure everything is going smoothly; if it is, the software will not intervene; however, if a representative or customer is using confrontational language, Balto will provide strategies and phrases designed to prevent escalation and promote resolution.

Five Areas of Impact

Balto assists customer service representatives, debt collectors and salespeople to interact with clients successfully. In addition, it adds value to the entire organization by enforcing consistent behaviors across various departments.

Balto’s call monitoring impacts several areas:

Sales: Balto monitors phone live sales calls and provides agents with the critical information that enables them to close the deal, like detecting prospect interest. It can also react in cases where a customer is objecting or citing the name of a competing company. It responds by offering approved phrasing and language that helps the representative to navigate the talk-off and close the deal.

Compliance: Violations can be detected when a representative is on a live call. Balto’s call monitoring seeks to intervene before the situation becomes irreversible. Balto guides the agent through the phone call by making recommendations that the agent must observe before the conversation ends. This minimizes the damage that can be done by service professionals who engage in non-compliant language. Examples include false or misleading statements and confrontational speech.

Quality assurance: Conversations can have various levels of quality, and Balto is programmed to enforce the behaviors that lead to high-quality dialogues. Additional indicators of quality include reminders to complete each item in the checklist. This can include items like reading disclaimers, making special offers and making a follow-up appointment. While monitoring phone calls, Balto encourages active listening and the most appropriate speed for speaking.

Customer Service: All aspects of customer service can be improved when using Balto. Special features ensure that the approved script is being followed, and prompts will be given if there are deviations. This keeps service professionals on track during every call. Language prompts also improve customer service by providing alternative phrases to use if a customer expresses frustration. Employees will have instant access to the high-quality information that is most likely to create a satisfactory outcome. This feature is particularly useful for sales representatives, accounts receivables and debt collectors.

Additional Features to Assist in Monitoring Phone Calls

During the process of monitoring phone calls, a live checklist feature can keep call representatives on track. It is easy for reps to forget an important item that needs to be included in the call. For example, it is easy to overlook tasks like reading live disclaimers or confirming installation times. New and experienced agents can both benefit from automated checklist reminders.

Checklists can also be customized to fit the needs of the changing situation. For example, some managers would like to see their entire sales team perform one task consistently during every single call. This one item is often something that the manager believes will increase sales, and Balto can easily adapt to these kinds of requests.

Custom Gamification

Managers can set up a friendly competition to encourage team members to develop particular skills. This feature can be adapted to target other skills in the future, and it works equally well for large groups or pairs of competitors. The game can be set up for the participants to compete for the most number of successful sales calls within a time limit.

The game features can also be adapted to meet a specific goal. For example, the manager might set up the game to focus on the problem of overcoming customer objections. Participating agents can practice applying new techniques and skills to the game while developing the ability to overcome various kinds of objections in real time.

Balto Live Product Tours

Balto product tours allow managers to observe the way this software engages in monitoring phone calls while also offering guidance. Language prompts help reps to navigate sales calls and close the deal. It helps them to overcome objections, resolve complaints or answer questions accurately. However, if the call is going well, the software simply allows agents to do their job.

Users benefit by receiving responsive, practical suggestions from software that was designed to intervene while monitoring phone calls. The manager dashboard allows supervisors to observe data from ongoing calls in real time. Take a product tour or request a demo to see how all of these features can help your organization meet sales quotas, improve customer service and reduce accounts receivables.

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