What Is Live Call Guidance? A Crash Course For 2019

by Chris Kontes | May 30th, 2019

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Introduction to Live Call Guidance Technology

Live Call Guidance technology understands phone conversations and provides reps with helpful information, live on each call. As opposed to traditional speech analytics solutions which provide insights after the fact, Live Call Guidance technology provides suggestions during while representatives still have time to self-correct or move the conversation in a different direction.

Live Call Guidance helps combat common training challenges, like reps forgetting training altogether or failing to apply new strategies properly in the heat of the moment. By providing consistent, immediate feedback, Live Call Guidance helps reps quickly develop effective conversation habits.

Note: Live Call Guidance is sometimes used interchangeably with real-time speech analytics.

What are the main benefits of Live Call Guidance?

  • Apply Real-time insights to 100% of calls; no calls slip through the cracks.
  • Insights are delivered in the moment, before the call is lost.
  • Reps receive training while on the phones, thereby reducing downtime.
  • Managers don’t need to dig through call recordings; the technology automatically categorizes critical information.
  • Reps form great habits automatically.

How does Live Call Guidance differ from traditional call center analytics software?

Live Call Guidance combines two fundamental features to provide a uniquely successful solution. First, it listens to both sides of the conversation and then provides real-time guidance to the rep or agent. Most other call analytics software only provide post-call data, and as a result, most of the phone calls monitored are wasted. By providing on-the-spot intelligence, Live Call Guidance enables every call to be a successful interaction.

How does Live Call Guidance know what to recommend?

Live Call Guidance is highly customizable. Companies can plug in their content or use analytics to implement new suggestions. 

Additionally, Live Call Guidance detects successful calls, and managers can work backwards to determine what variables lead to the result. That way, the technology naturally provides better recommendations over time.

Can Live Call Guidance integrate with my phone system?

It depends on the vendor (you can see our integrations here). It’s safe to say that all major phone systems are supported.

We run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Can Live Call Guidance tailor alerts to specific campaigns?

Yes, Live Call Guidance should save a database of all of your campaigns, and each campaign can have customized alerts and suggestions. The technology should automatically adjust campaigns based on the source of the call.

What happens if we have changes in our scripting, strategy, or messaging?

Live Call Guidance has a centralized database for leadership to push new adjustments live. In Balto’s case, we automatically track and suggest areas for improvement, and can automatically make the changes with the client’s permission.

What happens if we add or remove reps from our team?

Live Call Guidance has a centralized database for leadership to push new adjustments live. In Balto’s case, we automatically track and suggest areas for improvement, and can automatically make the changes with the client’s permission.

How do reps respond to Live Call Guidance technology?

No rep wants a new tool forcing them to say certain things, but all reps are happy to use tools that help them perform better. Live Call Guidance should work with them, not against them, and managers should communicate the helpfulness of the solution. 

Who uses Live Call Guidance?


Live Call Guidance listens to phone calls and then live on-call prompts reps with what to say next. Reps are given the specific language they need to close more, negotiate better, and maximize good will. Classical sales training is hard because it wastes calls and reps find it hard to implement. Live Call Guidance saves every call and effortlessly builds positive and productive call habits.

Balto for Sales

Customer Service:

Live Call Guidance helps customer service teams improve the customer experience. Balto recognizes key conversation elements including customer questions, complaints, frustrations, interest, and helps customer service agents reply effectively. 

Balto for Customer Service


Live Call Guidance enforces compliance, improves negotiation skills, reduces training time, and increases average debts collected per call. 

Balto for Collections

Technical and Product Support:

Balto’s Live Call Guidance Technology improves the customer support experience. Balto recognizes key support elements, including customer questions, and provides immediate, accurate answers.

Balto for Support


It’s simple – Live Call Guidance makes sure collectors say the right things and don’t say the wrong things. Live Call Guidance detects non-compliant language and other conversation risks and immediately alerts representatives to self-correct before the conclusion of the call.

Balto for Compliance

Quality Assurance:

Live Call Guidance ensures agents uphold client SLAs and specific company policies and procedures. Are your reps deviating from the script, talking too fast, failing to properly I.D callers, or using weak language? Balto instantly alerts reps with helpful information to keep them on track.

Balto for Quality Assurance


Do you wish your agents would better apply their training on the phones? Live Call Guidance analyzes each conversation for impactful coaching opportunities and automatically prompts agents with the best things to say, straight from your training materials. Customers experience improved messaging consistency, increased ramp times, and higher conversion rates.


Live Call Guidance equips reps, agents, and collectors with your best practices in persuasion and negotiation. Live Call Guidance detects key moments that reps often miss, like opportunities to ask insightful questions or demonstrate empathy, and automatically displays the best language for each situation. 

Live Call Guidance: Key Features

Live Call Guidance technology that analyzes the conversation between you and your prospect or customer as it’s happening.

Dynamic Checklists:

Dynamic checklists automatically detect key conversation elements and check them off automatically; that way, both agents and managers can keep conversations on track.


Live Call Guidance should be customized for each client; it should be trained in specific industry language, competitors, product names, or other unique conversation elements.

Instant Prompting and Alerts:

By definition, Live Call Guidance must be real-time. While the ability to save calls is essential, immediate reinforcement has been proven as the single most effective way to build habits, and any delays reduce efficiency.

Continuous Learning:

Live Call Guidance should be learning with every call, and both and managers should have the ability to both make and suggest improvements, respectively. That way, the technology becomes increasingly accurate over time.

Immediate Coaching Feedback:

Separate from fast responses, Live Call Guidance should provide a few helpful coaching suggestions at the end of each call. In doing so, reps absorb feedback (positive and negative) while the conversation is still fresh in their minds.

Analytics and Dashboards:

Leaders should be able to track the suggestions and alerts that Live Call Guidance offers and they should be able to drill into specific reps, alerts, and teams to track improvement and discover potential areas for improvement.

Live Call Guidance: Final Tips

When considering Live Call Guidance for your team, here are a few final tips to keep in mind:

  • Real-time technology works like a call coach: if a coach routinely provides helpful advice, the team rapidly improves. If the coach regularly provides lousy advice, players will develop bad habits or stop listening. Proper implementation and clear vendor communication is critical.
  • Live Call Guidance influences active calls; as a result, it is “closer to the money” than traditional call coaching technology. Don’t settle for generic prompts – make sure the vendor is comfortable rolling out specific alerts and suggestions for your types of conversations.
  • Using Live Call Guidance effectively is a function of two parts; first, ensuring that reps actually use it, and second, ensuring that live suggestions are worth using. Make sure your vendor can track both of these functions and articulates a clear plan for frequent improvement.
  • Specific solutions record calls (Balto has both options); if they do, ensure everything is absolutely secure. After all, your calls are your intellectual property.
  • Consider a singular goal you want to track and improve on your team. Your vendor will work with you to design a playbook prioritizing that goal. For example, alerts promoting compliance will be different than alerts helping sell more flooring. Playbooks should be as static or dynamic as necessary to best guide conversations.
  • Consider gamification. In Balto’s case, reps can compete in real-time on dozens of different skills, which promotes adherence and habit retention. It also allows for team-wide competitions that boost productivity.
  • Employees shouldn’t need to manage a speech analytics solution around the clock. Make sure the vendor is ready to support your specific conversation environment without a significant technical investment from your team.

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