Boosting Agent Productivity With Call Center Gamification

by Chris Kontes | April 22nd, 2019

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If you run a call center and want to survive over the long term, maintaining your team’s morale is vital. Your customer service team are the frontline reps and agents who have the first contact with your prospects and customers. If their morale is low, it shows in their tone and the way they speak to the people calling your business. Callcenter games via gamification is a great way to keep things fresh and exciting.

Poor morale can decrease your sales and inspire some of your long-term customers to walk away, a problem you don’t want to face. On the other hand, maintaining high morale lets your team have positive interactions with callers that move your business in the right direction. Callcenter games is a smart way to enhance and maintain the morale of your team. This article covers the top benefits offered by callcenter games and gamification:

  • Increased Profit
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Morale
  • Reduced Turnover

After exploring the benefits of call center gamification, this article reveals Balto and the many other ways it can help your bottom line. Also, consider checking out some virtual team building activities

Callcenter games that truly Gamify Callcenters

This section goes into detail about call center gamification and why you should consider it. If you are already familiar with call center gamification, you can skip this section to save a little time. In simple terms, call center gamification takes the boring job of talking on the phone and makes it fun. With the right call center gamification software, you can create playful competitions and offer rewards to those who achieve the top results.

Begin by using call center software that tracks the calls and progress of each member of your team. You then set the terms of the game and tell your agents what goals they must achieve to win. Before you begin, speak with your team to get feedback on what kind of rewards they would like to earn. Although you make the final choice, knowing their thoughts helps.

Call Center Gamification Boosts Profit

Since maintaining your profitability is an essential piece of the puzzle, we are going to explore how call center gamification improves your profit. The bottom line is that people do their best work when they are having fun.

When your team enjoys the work they do each day, it shows in the results they achieve. Call center gamification gives your team a reason to enjoy what they do, and it rewards them for growing their skills and closing more deals. Callers will pick up on their upbeat attitude and be much more willing to buy or recommend others buy from you. You achieve stunning results when you use call center gamification to move your business along the correct path, and you will know you made a smart decision.

Call Center Gamification Boosts Productivity

Keep your team productive if you want to achieve the best results for your call center. Not only does a productive team help your profit, but it also inspires new agents to put in their best effort. The new people you bring on board look to your existing team to decide how they should behave and perform at your call center.

A lack of morale rubs off on new team members and impacts their performance in more ways than you might think. The good news, though, is that the opposite is also true. If you enhance your team’s morale and keep it up, it motivates new hires to follow in their footsteps. Call center gamification is a great place to start if boosting productivity is your mission.

Exploring the Power of Balto’s Gamification Suite

If you are interested in harnessing the raw power of  gamification, we can help. Plenty of software solutions on the market offer to take your call center to new heights. Even though tons of solutions exist, they don’t all live up to their promises, and you want to know your call center is in the best possible hands.

Balto provides call center gamification by running in the background and tracking your team’s performance. You can then pull up records and see which team member closes the most deals or gets the sale the fastest. You can use any metric you find appealing when you use Balto for your call center gamification needs, earning results that speak for themselves.

Real-Time Feedback with Call Center Gamification

In addition to providing call center gamification features, Balto also gives your team instant feedback. Imagine one of your team members is on a call and forgets a line or says something out of place that turns your prospective customer away. Even the best sales representatives slip and make mistakes from time to time.

These mistakes, however, can cost you a lot of money over the long run, so you want to do something about it as soon as you can. With the real-time feedback offered by Balto, you won’t need to worry about that problem anymore. Balto provides on-screen prompts that show your team what to say and when to say it.

This feature reduces the number of mistakes your team makes and keeps your call center on the right path. Real-time feedback also helps with gamification. You can track the amount of feedback Balto gives a team member to see how much they are improving. As your team members develop their skills, for example, they won’t need as much feedback as they did at the start.

Live Checklist

Live checklists are another Balto feature that is sure to grab your attention. If you have key points you need your team to cover in each call you place, the checklist feature is for you. As Balto listens to each call, it uses voice recognition to determine when your team brings up certain topics or sales points.

Use checklists to ensure that your team explains the value of your product or service before mentioning the price, and watch your sales rise. When someone calls because they have a complaint, ensure that your team connects with them on an emotional level and validates their feelings before getting into the technical aspect of solving the problem, and you will go far. As far as call center gamification is concerned, consider which team members move through the checklist the fastest without confusing your callers.

Call Center Agent Progress Tracking

All games include some sort of competition. All businesses must track the progress of their team if they want to thrive in a competitive marketplace. You need to know if your team members are getting better at their job or worse, and identifying the cause is also vital. Balto stores the metrics of each call so that you can later go back and review the progress of your team over time.

In addition to tracking the progress of individual agents, you can also monitor the performance of your entire team. Keeping call center gamification in mind, set team goals that require everyone to work together. Doing so encourages your agents to work as a team toward a common goal. Callcenter games at its finest.

Call Center Coaching Enhancement

The ability to train your team effectively is a critical element to your overall success. The speed at which you get new team members operating without oversight plays a central role in the results you can expect. When you bring new people on board, they won’t remember every line or script overnight. Even when they are ready to perform on their own, people tend to forget things.

You can defeat that issue and stay on track with Balto. Balto’s on-screen prompts let your trainees learn as they go, making it much easier for them to remember what to say and when to say it.

Some people only apply callcenter gamification via callcenter games to seasoned customer service agents, but that oversight costs them more money than they think. Consider dividing your training program into several stages. You can then reward new agents who make it through the levels faster than the rest, and their progress will improve.

Improve Sales Call Performance

When it comes to improving your bottom line, your sales rate is one of the most important factors. Increasing your sales rate allows you to make even more profit without increasing your leads or hiring additional customer service agents. Once you get qualified leads in your sales funnel, hitting the right points and leading your prospects down a proven path is the key to earning the deal.

Balto can pick up on a prospect’s objections and prompt your agents with what to say to overcome them. This feature lets you close sales faster than ever, and you will be pleased with the outcome. Track the percentage of calls your team turns into sales to implement call center gamification.

Learn More about Call Center Gamification

At this point, you know almost everything you get when using Balto for call center gamification. Encouraging your team to put in their best effort and boosting your profit are only two of the benefits you can expect.

Our team remains dedicated to client satisfaction and is always on the search for new ways to improve our service, and your needs remain at the front of our minds from start to finish. We would like to work with you, and we are confident you will love Balto once you see it in action. Rather than taking our word for it, contact us to request a live demo so that you can see Balto for yourself.