Increase Revenues Fast With Better Call Quality Management

by Chris Kontes | April 18th, 2019

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Call Quality management impacts the bottom line of businesses both directly and indirectly. Each engagement with a customer is an opportunity to create a new account or collect on an outstanding one. Call quality management technology helps ensure that customer service representatives always use the best practices when interacting with a prospect, consumer, or customer.

Balto’s artificial intelligence can be customized to meet the needs of customer service specialists. This software has a unique feature; it allows real-time interaction to occur during live calls. It allows managers and directors to monitor 100 percent of calls and automatically intervenes if a call goes off the rails.

About Balto Software’s Call Quality Management Solutions

Sales representatives, customer service agents and accounts receivable specialists perform better when they have access to the tools provided by Balto. For example, customers often have an account with specific information that should be referenced during a call. Getting access to this client-specific data can be time-consuming, but Balto eliminates this problem.

Customer service reps can quickly find the relevant information about each customer in real time. This virtually eliminates the wait times that can result in a new customer deciding against creating an account. It can also help debt collectors get the customer to pay in a timely manner.

New agents and seasoned service representatives bring different types of issues to the job. Experienced agents may have ingrained habits that are hard to break, for example. New hires may be unfamiliar with the type of terminology used by the company.

During a sales or debt collection calls, these issues can result in the loss of business. Balto’s software has built-in features that assist managers in monitoring various processes, ensuring compliance and creating a consistent message across different communication channels.

Feedback and Support

Balto solves many common problems faced by organizations that have a large volume of inbound and outbound calls. Volume is what makes call quality management difficult, like achieving consistent messaging and ensuring compliance on every conversation. Balto’s call quality software offers specific solutions that address the most pressing call quality issues faced by call centers.

Balto solves call quality management problems in real time. The issues of quality control, sales quotas, and debt collection are critical, and revenue streams depend on successful engagements. Real-time feedback allows agents and representatives to respond quickly in the most appropriate manner.

Customers respond to the way service representatives interact over the phone. This can include subtle conversational dynamics that the agent might overlook. Bring attention to issues like informal speech, frequent interrupting and non-compliant speaking habits.

Balto provides this feedback in real time, which enables the agent to make changes before the end of the call. New hires can quickly adopt the language habits of the team’s best performer. This will reduce the amount of time and resources spent on call coaching and quality assurance.

The Role of Call Quality Management in Call Centers

Customer engagement is at the core of every phone call, and Balto improves the outcome of such calls. There are many areas where the software can be customized and adapted to suit the needs of the moment.

  • Get your newest agents up to speed with the best practices. Train them to use the language and speaking patterns that work the best, and watch them make adjustments on their first day. Use the same features to improve their performance over time.
  • Streamline your messaging across different parts of your company. Reduce or eliminate inconsistencies that create confusion when customers are interacting with different people within your organization. Ensure that everyone is using the same script with approved language, terminology, and style.
  • Ensure quality controls across different areas of the organization with Balto. Consistent messages help each agent to accomplish specific goals. Use Balto to ensure that people in different departments are delivering the same message.
  • Quality management for phone representatives can boost sales, reduce accounts receivables and ensure compliance. Sales calls improve when there is a plan in place to help them deliver the most convincing talking points in real time. Debt collectors gain an advantage in conversations with non-paying customers using Balto’s features for accessing client-specific information.
  • The best call quality management practices are fully embedded in Balto’s software. Keep sales representatives on target, and maintain the highest standards possible during each engagement. Ensure quality is maintained when Balto goes through a checklist of items to be completed during each call. These are milestones, and the software can monitor them to produce consistent results.
  • Avoid the common trap of attempting to correct errors, mistakes, and omissions after the fact. It is more efficient to use Balto for real-time corrections that produce results.

Training Games, Live Checklists

Balto’s built-in game features for training are effective and easy to deploy. Simply create a contest where a particular skill is selected for the team. This could be overcoming customer objections or answering the most questions, for example.

What’s even more exciting is that Balto’s training games can be adapted to develop other skills as the team progresses. Set up a specific game to create a friendly competition between members of the team. Target a skill that has been identified as a problem, and create an opportunity for the group to develop this particular skill.

The ability to create a customized solution to address a specific problem makes Balto a powerful tool. Reduce inconsistencies during live phone calls by training each member of the team on how to use approved language, terminology and phrases. Create a situation where the software becomes a valuable tool for the sales rep or collection agent.

Live Checklist, Features and Benefits

The inability of agents to remember every detail is another common business problem. Software support can be critical when it comes to managing checklists in real time. Balto can monitor calls for milestones and go through a checklist before the call ends.

This is a critical part of quality management because it ensures that certain n items will never be forgotten. This could manifest as a reminder to read a disclaimer before the call is over, for example. Many agents will appreciate the checklist feature because it allows them to focus their attention on the task at hand.

Maintain the highest standards with call quality management software from Balto. Encourage each member of your team to adopt the best practices by training them in real time. Avoid errors and omissions with the live checklist feature, and improve morale with fun competitions that improve targeted skills.

Who Uses Balto’s Call Quality Management Software?

Balto’s software is best deployed in environments where there are large amounts of important phone calls. This includes sales, customer service, debt collection, follow-up calls and support calls. The process of streamlining the language and speech patterns of agents is faster with Balto.

Quality assurance is a function of consistency, and this is an area where Balto really shines. Ensure that a consistent message is delivered by the team so that customers will receive consistent information regardless of their point of contact. Managers and directors can observe this improvement in real time, and it is easy to make adjustments before the call ends.

Employees will also benefit from using Balto because they will quickly understand what is expected. There is no ambiguity when the software prompts them to adopt a specific phrase, slow down their speaking pace or stop interrupting the customer. These are just a few of the common habits that Balto can help managers to enforce.

Managers can also benefit from the dashboard, which provides real-time information about ongoing calls. This makes it possible to intervene in a situation before the opportunity to correct it is lost. Create new checklists as the situation changes, and ensure that quality is managed and maintained across all parts of your team.

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