Crush Quota with Call Monitoring Software

by Chris Kontes | April 19th, 2019

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Call monitoring software has recently undergone a transformational shift – moving from post-call insights to real-time suggestions, live on the call, which boosts revenues generated by sales by ensuring sales reps always say the right things on their calls.

Balto’s artificial intelligence allows managers to adjust key behaviors of the sales team. Balto detects high-impact points in sales and service calls – like objections,questions, and concerns, and prompts reps with the best things to say. This is necessary because many sales reps are unfamiliar with the internal terminology preferred by their own company. Sales training takes time and is horribly inefficient, but this is time that will no longer be available for making phone calls. Real-time call monitoring software changes that.

Balto’s Call Monitoring Software

Balto’s call monitoring software to a new level with interactive features that can be customized and adapted to fit any situation. Live suggestions and alerts are dynamic features that can turn the conversation around when dealing with customer objections, difficult questions or low interest. It provides helpful prompts to the sales representative, which is a powerful tool for closing the deal.

Each client has a unique profile, and sales and service calls are more successful when the agent has access to this information. Waiting can make the customer change directions, and even a few seconds will matter. Balto’s Call Monitoring Software is instantaneous, and reduce the rejection rate from sales calls.

Balto is not a typical call monitoring software product; it has a live interaction feature that can change the outcome of sales calls. For example, Balto can detect the mood of the customer, and it gives prompts to the agent to go for the close. It can detect the level of interest from the customer’s speech patterns, and it can even recognize common pain points.

Who Benefits from Call Monitoring Software?

Anyone involved in customer service can benefit from using call monitoring software. This includes sales repscustomer service agents, debt collectors and even new hires. Call Monitoring allows for continuous improvement without taking reps on the phones

Balto’s call monitoring software changes the way people get trained by enabling training to occur in real time, while reps are actually making phone calls. New salespeople can receive helpful prompts from the monitoring software during their first call. The features allow the agent to use the most appropriate language and speaking speed as soon as their first day.

Call Monitoring Software has a unique application for debt collectors. Engaging a non-paying customer can be challenging even for seasoned collectors. Balto’s call monitoring software reduces the burden on collectors by providing language prompts that can help them to navigate tricky conversations. It can also guide them to the winning stages of a talk-off with a resistant customer.

Even seasoned sales professionals can use some help on occasion. Fatigue or stress can affect experienced salespeople, and Balto’s software can guide them through these moments while enabling them to maintain their composure and professionalism. Managers can track results in real-time.

Balto Software’s Call Monitoring Key Features

Training sales representatives is easy using the main features of Balto. The live call prompts can be customized, for example. This feature enables managers, directors or executives to quickly adjust the language being used by the sales team or collectors.

Balto’s call monitoring software guides each member of the sales team through the call with a prospect. It has a feature that enables it to recognize good performance. This means that agents will receive prompts only when they need it the most. If the call is going well, Balto simply lets the service representative do their job.

Language prompts help agents to navigate conversations successfully; however, there is more to it than mere word selection. Balto can detect customer frustrations and assist in the process of de-escalating the encounter. This can benefit the entire company and get difficult conversations to come to a satisfactory resolution.

Balto's Areas of Influence

Every organization has some structure for maintaining quality, increasing revenues and assuring quality. Balto’s software can assist in all main areas of activity. The customization of each feature allows an unprecedented amount of flexibility and control.

Call monitoring software influences five areas of activity:

  • Improve all aspects of customer service. Get instant answers for difficult questions, and reduce or eliminate wait times that may cause the representative to lose the new account. Manage complaints and overcome objections by using Balto’s live interaction features. Boost sales while maintaining compliance and quality.
  • Many companies struggle with collections, and this can create a cash flow problem if the company is new or struggling to manage a balance sheet. Collections agents can use Balto’s language prompts to help them figure out how to get a customer to pay their balance. Reduce the accounts receivables with Balto, and get these revenues circulating within your organization.
  • Save money and time on training new hires with Balto. The learning curve for new agents can be steep, and it’s even more time-consuming if the person is performing an unfamiliar job. Balto’s language prompts can help new agents to use the correct terminology that has been approved by the company’s director.
  • Quality assurance comes in many forms, but message consistency is one of the most important. Customers will often encounter several different people within your organization. It is almost impossible to create a consistent experience without the aid of software. Balto can generate a consistent experience for customers while allowing managers to modify messaging or branding as needed.
  • Prompts from Balto’s software enhance the quality of each conversation. It monitors the language used and offers suggestions if there appears to be a problem. The software listens intelligently and can pick up on many cues from word selection and tone of voice. It can make suggestions that follow the best practices, and it allows the representative to make adjustments before the call is finished.

Balto's Gamification and Voice-Activated Checklist

Gamification and live checklists help drive rep engagement. For example, managers can set up a contest designed to develop a particular skill. If sales representatives are unable to overcome certain kinds of objections, a game can be set up to develop this ability. Managers can gamify hundreds of different skills to best reflect the goals of their organization.

Learning a new skill can be challenging, but the gaming feature makes it much easier. Contestants in a typical game will compete to see how many obstacles they can overcome within a specific time period. This is best deployed when pairing people who are at the same skill level. The customization feature allows managers to adjust and adapt the game to any situation.

Checklists, Measured Results

Real-time checklists help to keep representatives on course with the approved talking points. It is easy for agents to forget something important during a call. In addition to the prompt feature, Balto can also provide reminders to address checklist items before the end of the call. Balto monitor’s every conversation for checklist items so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Serving Client Needs with Call Monitoring Software

Balto is the ideal call monitoring software for any business or organization that deals with customer phone calls. It helps to streamline messaging and enforce standard practices across divisions. Representatives from sales or collections can benefit in different ways using call monitoring software.

Executives and managers can customize Balto to meet organizational objectives. This can include collecting a certain percentage of accounts receivables, for example. It could also impose a sales quota. Try setting up a contest for the agents who close the most deals within the allotted time limits.

The manager dashboard is another great tool that can be useful during live calls. Monitoring 100 percent of all calls wouldn’t have as much impact without the ability to observe detailed information about the call. This is the ideal training tool for managers dealing with a large volume of calls.

Tour Balto’s Call Monitoring Software

Balto offers product tours that allow managers and buyers to observe the software at work in real time. These demonstrations not simulations; instead, they display the software interacting in a real live-call environment. This allows the buyer to fully appreciate the interactivity and customization that Balto is capable of performing.

During the product tour, the language can be modified to suit the specific industry of the buyer. This includes specific phrases, terms and product references. Watch the representative gain access to client-specific information in real time. Create a checklist before the product tour, and watch how Balto enforces it during the live call. See what call monitoring software can do for your company during a product tour offered by one of our friendly, helpful representatives.

Balto helps organizations meet specific goals by providing access to relevant information and suggestions during live calls. Collect revenues from outstanding accounts, or boost the sales volume during a critical quarter. Customize the software to meet the needs of a specific organizational goal. Contact us for a product tour today.