Discover the Benefits of Call Center Voice Analytics

by Chris Kontes | April 14th, 2020

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All business owners and managers know the importance of improving call quality. The quality of an agent’s interactions with customers plays a vital role in any company’s long-term sustainability.

Agents who say the right thing at the right time boost sales and enhance customer experience to increase call center profitability. The problem is that not all sales agents know the exact words to use when interacting with leads or customers. Call center voice analytics defeats the problem and lets any call center rise to a whole new level. Those who use Balto’s call center voice analytics can achieve impressive results they once thought impossible.

Whether managers want to improve customer service, boost conversion rates,or generate more leads,Balto’s call center voice analytics provides the solutions they need to do the job. Some people shy away from new software because they believe using it is hard.

Balto’s call center voice analytics runs seamlessly alongside current software and includes an easy-to-use interface. In simple terms, Balto does the hard part so that staff members don’t have to do it.

How Call Center Voice Analytics Work

At this point, many people are curious about call center voice analytics and how it works and they want to see the full picture before deciding what path to take. Balto sits in the background and listens to the conversations your agents have with prospects, consumers and customers.

Balto’s voice analytics software prompts your agents on what to say based on how the conversation is going. These prompts keep conversations on track and help professionals learn what approach works better than the others. Managers can set Balto’s call center voice analytics up with the words and phrases they want staff members to use.

Additionally, Balto’s call center voice analytics learn from interactions and help agents respond in a way that gets results. Balto is a powerful solution that call centers can use when they want to achieve the best possible outcome with each call they place. The results they get prove using the platform was the smart move for their bottom line.

Increased Conversion Rates with Voice Analytics

Call center conversion rates is one of the most critical elements of success. Increasing the conversion rate allows a call center to earn more profit from fewer calls, saving time and boosting the bottom line. Not all call centers, however, know how to increase their conversion rate. For the ones that do, they need to train each agent and have them memorize sales scripts in addition to ways to overcome common objections.

It can take a new call center representative months or longer to master these scripts. On the other hand, call centers can use Balto’s call center voice analytics to increase their conversion rates.

While running in the background, Balto detects the interest level of prospects and prompts the call agent with the best possible response. Balto can even detect objections and guide the agent on what to say to overcome them.

Increased Learning Speed with Voice Analytics

A new agent’s learning speed has a direct impact on a call center’s profit. For example, the time it takes to train a new call agent steals time from supervisors who could be working on other projects. In addition to the other benefits it offers, Balto’s call center voice analytics improves the speed at which new agents learn their jobs. Rather than only reading their scripts and trying to remember them, they can view their script in real-time.

Balto alters the script and provides a variety of prompts based on how the interaction is going. This flexibility is the key to getting the most from this software without dealing with the downsides. The best part is that call agents memorize the material much faster when they put it to use. Balto detects the progress an agent makes and updates its response along the way. By reducing the learning curve, Balto becomes a powerful resource in any call center’s toolkit.

Increased Agent Productivity

The productivity of a call center’s team is a vital element it should never overlook. Depending on the number of calls a center makes in a day, removing even two or three minutes from each call can boost profitability to the next level. Agents won’t always know the right response to each question or concern a prospect has, and giving the wrong answers can cause the interaction to go in circles.

These mistakes hurt the bottom line and make it that much harder to stay on track, but call centers no longer have to face the issue alone. By showing the agents what to say and when to say it, Balto’s call center voice analytics increases the efficiency of each call.

Balto learns from the interactions of your agents and gives them the response that is the most likely to offer a favorable outcome. This feature alone is enough to give any call center the results for which it has been hoping.

Better Customer Service

The quality of a call center’s customer service affects the bottom line in more ways than one. Since it’s an important factor in any company’s success, no business professional can overlook the value of quality customer service. Answering questions and addressing concerns in a friendly and professional way will enhance results in more ways than one.

Turning unhappy customers into happy customers encourages them to keep coming back in the future. To achieve that goal, each sales agent must know how to respond to questions in a way that puts the customer’s mind at ease.

Learning to navigate customer complaints requires on-the-fly thinking and inventive answers, and that takes time to learn. Balto’s call center voice analytics prompts your agents depending on the words the customer uses. It also goes through a digital checklist that keeps agents on track, ensuring that they forget nothing.


Motivation, morale and engagement are critical elements no call center can overlook. A team that lacks motivation won’t earn as many sales or generate as many leads, and this trap can ruin profitability in no time. While finding ways to keep a team inspired works wonders for any company’s profit, doing so is not always easy.

Balto tracks the progress of each team member and lets managers create games and fun competitions. Balto allows managers to monitor what team members use the right words the most often, but it also has plenty of other gamification features that boost morale.

Final Thoughts

Balto is an all-in-one software package that call centers can use to increase their results at each turn. Not only does it improve conversion rates, but it also reduces the time required for new agents to learn the basics.

Offering real-time feedback, Balto guides agents down the right path no matter the situation. Any call center that would like to take its effectiveness to a whole new level must give it a try. Balto customer service agents are ready to take calls and help new clients set up their software right away. Interested in learning more? Request your demo today!

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