Benefits of Choosing a Cloud-Based Call Center Software

by Marie Christenson | October 12th, 2020

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Being connected with others is essential now, more than ever. From emails and phones to texts and video chat, technology has made it possible to communicate with people anywhere at any time. Contact centers are not excluded from the technology trend. Having a cloud-based call center makes it possible to stay connected and perform everyday operations from anywhere. Agents are connected throughout different locations and can seamlessly work as a team with work-from-home (WFH) coworkers, thanks to the internet.


Call center work comes with various challenges that require tact, flexibility, and sufficient resources — which is why it’s essential to have the best cloud-based software available. Today, cloud-based software helps contact centers everywhere improve efficiency and performance. With technology always progressing, organizations need to take the next step to modernization by switching to the cloud.


The benefits that come with using the cloud strongly outweigh those of having an on-premise contact center. Learn more about why the cloud is the new leading-edge advancement.

Quick Setup

Your call center can begin reaping the benefits of using the cloud from the get-go.  Setting up your cloud-based software is a quick and stress-free process ensuring that your organization has a smooth transition.  The process of configuring your call center with a cloud call center software can be completed in as little as one hour.  Not only can the on-premise software take months to be up and running, but on-site installations are required every 5 -10 years for hardware and software updates. This can lead to a halt on operations and additional maintenance costs. Cloud-based software helps your call center get up and running without delay.

Scale Service Up or Down

A cloud-based system creates ways for your call center to lower its employee turnover rates by providing the flexibility of working remotely.  Having a cloud contact center can help retain employees who move, travel, or occasionally work from home. This adaptability has proven to be extremely valuable in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it possible for organizations to maintain operations while employees work remotely.


Whether your company gets bigger or smaller, a cloud-based call center platform can easily adjust to meet your needs best. Relating to the previously mentioned cost advantages of a cloud-based system, this means you only pay for what you need. There’s no need to pay the expense of bundled costs when you’re only adding one new agent to your team.

Improve Service Reliability

In addition to quickly scaling service up or down, your call center’s service reliability improves significantly with cloud contact center technology. It’s challenging for on-premise legacy systems to meet 99.999% SLA, which most cloud contact centers deliver without fail. The beauty is that these systems run off of APIs that connect through carriers worldwide using geographically distributed data centers. Your calls are optimized to provide the highest-quality experience.

Cutting Costs

When making a change or decision within your call center, the cost is always an important aspect to address.  A significant advantage of using cloud call center software is that it does not have a large upfront cost for set up and hardware. All you need is a strong internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to do the trick.  No need to worry about ongoing costs with a cloud-based system either — the flat-rate billing for your monthly subscription is the only the ongoing cost.

Using cloud-based software also provides your organization with the ability to downsize your payroll and upgrade productivity.  This is done by removing on-site hardware and reducing your IT department to only those necessary. If your cloud-based service comes with IT support built-in, your IT team may be removed entirely, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency all in one.

TCN’s cloud-based call center software strives to provide contact centers with all of this, and more. Learn more about what TCN can do for you.

About The Author

Marie Christenson is the Content Writer and Strategist for TCN, a worldwide leading provider of cloud-based call center technology. As the voice behind the screen, Marie spends her days carefully curating content including company blogs, campaigns, and social media. Since earning a B.S. in Strategic Communications & Marketing from Southern Utah University in 2020, she has enjoyed sharing her ideas and creativity with TCN. In her free time, Marie loves traveling to new places and immersing herfelf in new cultures.

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