5 Things Operations Folks Say About Real-Time Guidance

June 23rd, 2021

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Streamlining a contact center isn’t easy. There’s a ton of tools out there promising to make it faster or simpler. How many of them actually live up to the task?

Turns out, for Balto and Real-Time Guidance, there’s a lot of people ready to say that it does. Check out what these operations leaders had to say about these Real-Time features.

“Real-Time Guidance Allows Agents To Onboard Quicker And Supports Those Who Are Working From Home.”​

-Director Of Contact Center Operations, Insurance​

Building up a new agent’s skills is a months-long slog of training, hoping it sticks, and waiting for those new-guy jitters to wear off.

Or, instead, agents can onboard with Real-Time Guidance. And have all the information they need, right in front of them when they need it most.

How to Use Checklists to Get New Hires Ramped Up

Balto’s Smart Checklist reminds new agents to say the most important things on every call. No more fumbled discovery, forgotten compliance statements or twisted scripts. The best part? You decide how closely agents need to stick to your script – so agents don’t sound like robots.

“Our Agents Are Taught That This Is How You Listen To A Customer.”

— VP Of Operations, Collections ​

Real-Time isn’t just for new hires — your best agents can always use a reminder to slow down, talk less, and listen to the caller. Or, as Zig Ziglar put it: “Stop selling. Start helping” It’s as simple as that.

Using Notifications to Encourage Listening

Balto Notifications reinforces agents’ best skills: listening carefully and providing the best service. You can set what notifications for words to avoid (e.g. rude language) or all-important soft skills (e.g. talk speed or ratio). When your customers are doing the talking, agents will serve them better and sell more.

“This is how you modernize QA. It's not about evaluating 1% of the workforce. It's going to be 100%.”

-Director Of Call Center Operations, Digital Solutions​

Listening to a few calls a week is only a random sample of your contact center performance. But making time for more recordings, spreadsheets, and coaching sessions is weight on your back.

Automate QA with Balto Cloud

Ditch the call recordings and spotty QA coverage. Balto Cloud dashboards provide instant visibility into 100% of calls so you know exactly what to work on. You’ll see in-depth call analysis in real-time, along with post-call analyses for coaching opportunities. Want a hands-on approach? Update your team’s Checklists or Dynamic Prompts with the push of a button.

“We used to have a 400+ page digital document that agents had to search to help each customer in the best way.”

-Call Center Director, Claims​

Agents digging through PDFs while the customer stews on the other end of the line costs time and money. But how else are you able to ensure agents have all the information they need, exactly when they need it?

How Dynamic Prompts Instantly Surface the Right Information

Ensure your agents have the right information when they need it most with Dynamic Prompts. The minute Balto hears a customer’s question, the prompt is ready to show your agent the best response. The best part? You control what prompts are available — from the most common questions, all the way to information on current events. Agents say the right thing every time to make every conversation perfect.

“Balto Fundamentally Changed The Way We Do Things. With Balto, We’ve Earned Additional $50,000 Dollars In Monthly Recurring Revenue.” ​

- Owner, B2B Marketing​

Every time your team talks with a customer, that’s data you could be using to make more money. How? By knowing what your customers like to hear and getting all agents to say exactly that, on every call.

Finding the money with Balto Cloud

With Balto Cloud, you can turn your insights into action with tools like Win Rate Analysis. See what phrases get the best response across your checklists and prompts, and update them whenever you need to. Or use the Trend Analysis tool to see longer-term patterns from your agents and customers.

The Universal Key for Better Operations

These operations leaders are getting their agents to say the right things on every call using Real-Time Guidance. That means more sales, a better customer experience, and flawless compliance. How many of the other contact center tools can say the same?

If you’re ready to see what these operations leaders are talking about, learn more here.

Want to see Balto in action?

There’s no better way to see the power of real-time than to experience it live. Request a demo and we’ll show you the power of Balto’s real-time guidance in real-time on our first call.