Why Agents Make Mistakes

Balto surveyed over 1000 contact center agents to find out why agents make mistakes.

by Marc Bernstein | October 1, 2020

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“I forgot the right thing to say.”

Balto surveyed over 1000 contact center agents in one of the largest surveys of contact center agents ever done.

And we decided to ask the agents, “What is the most common reason you make a mistake on a call?” 

Agents admitted that the #1 reason they make a mistake is, “I forgot the right thing to say.” 

In fact, agents were twice as likely to say that forgetting was their biggest problem than they were to say that not having proper training was their biggest problem. Forgetting, not training, is the problem.

The result is that agents say that 19 to 35% of their customer interactions are unsuccessful

This gap is too big to address by trying to detect problems after they happen with Post-Call speech analytics. Post-Call is too late, the problem is too persuasive, and the pressure of forgetting continuously erases any improvements that agents actually make. Post-call doesn’t address the fundamental problem of agents not saying the right things at the right times. Post-Call doesn’t fix forgetting.

It’s time to solve this problem for all of our agents – immediately and at scale – with a solution built for 2025, not one built for 2015. 

Real-Time Guidance powered by A.I. – helping agents succeed in the moments they need it most – is the solution built for 2025.

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